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    Jessica Chastain Saves the Drama for “MAMA”

    by: Trevor Parker on: 2013-01-16 21:28:13

    It’s not often that an actress rides into
    the motion picture world on the crest of as much hype and critical adoration as
    has Jessica Chastain. Rarer still is when that actress entirely validates the
    hype surrounding her, as Chastain most definitely has, garnering her second
    Oscar nomination in as many years. With her ruthless CIA operative in ZERO DARK
    THIRTY currently ruling the box office, audiences can catch a different side of
    Chastain’s acclaimed range when director Andy Muschietti’s ghostly fable MAMA
    his theaters this Friday.

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    Remembering Patty Shepard (1945-2013)

    by: Stephan Segantini on: 2013-01-16 03:04:01

    Fans of European horror have long been mesmerized by a pair of stunning, shining eyes which could simultaneously transmit mystery, seduction and a strength that were capable of charming anyone…even a werewolf. Last week we lost  those eyes, those that belonged to Patty Shepard, star of such films as the cult Paul Naschy flicks WEREWOLF VERSUS THE VAMPIRE WOMAN (a.k.a. NIGHT OF WALPURGIS, 1971) or in the (unfairly) despised Assignment Terror (1970).

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    “FACE OFF”: More Westmore in Season Four

    by: on: 2013-01-15 21:47:45

    When Syfy’s hit makeup-competition series FACE OFF returns
    this week, the judges won’t be the only veteran artists taking part.
    World-renowned prosthetic illusionist Michael Westmore, whose daughter McKenzie
    hosts the series, has become a regular mentor to the contestants, and Fango
    spoke exclusively to the two Westmores about what to expect in FACE OFF’s fourth season.

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    EXCL Video Interview: Don Coscarelli on “JOHN DIES AT THE END,” Part One

    by: FANGORIA Staff on: 2013-01-15 14:05:01

    Yes, horror hounds, there is life after PHANTASM. A decade
    after his sleeper sensation BUBBA HO-TEP, JOHN DIES AT THE END (now on VOD; beginning its multi-city theatrical rollout on January 25 from Magnet Releasing; see list here)
    proves again there’s more to genre fave Don Coscarelli’s cinematic career than
    silver balls and interdimensional dwarves.

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    EXCL Video Interview: Paul Giamatti on “JOHN DIES AT THE END”

    by: FANGORIA Staff on: 2013-01-14 14:09:30

    With JOHN DIES AT THE END (now on VOD;
    beginning its multi-city theatrical rollout on January 25 from Magnet Releasing;
    see list here), Oscar-nominated actor (and life-long fright fan!) Paul Giamatti knocks two off his bucket list with one shot: working with genre fave director Don Coscarelli
    and making his first bona fide horror film. FANGORIA’s editor emeritus Tony
    Timpone chatted with Giamatti about his cult flick, which he not only plays a
    key role in, but produced through his New York-based Touchy Feely shingle.

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    Pat Healy: Creepy Calling for “COMPLIANCE”

    by: on: 2013-01-11 22:40:48

    Out on DVD and Blu-ray this week from Magnolia Home
    Entertainment, COMPLIANCE gives actor Pat Healy a startlingly different role
    than the one most horror fans probably know him for: the awkward but likable,
    lovestruck Luke in THE INNKEEPERS. He digs into his turn as COMPLIANCE’s
    manipulative “Officer Daniels” in this exclusive interview.

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    Q&A: Director Ryan Haysom and DP talk neo-giallo short “YELLOW”

    by: Samuel Zimmerman on: 2013-01-11 13:25:37

    Undeniably stylish—hypnotic even— Ryan Haysom’s neo-giallo short YELLOW is currently garnering strong praise across the globe as it slides
    through festivals, finding a sweet spot between reverence to its cinematic idols and modern construction. The director and cinematographer Jon Britt spoke with Fango about the film and their own spin on the hunt for a black-gloved killer.

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    Q&A: Director Marko Mäkilaakso on his “WAR OF THE DEAD”

    From green light to release, the average film takes two to three years, but the zombie action feature WAR OF THE DEAD’s production started in way back in 2005. The remarkable adventure that followed would take director Marko Mäkilaakso around the world, through countless stops and stars, three title changes and eventually end as biggest film ever shot in Lithuania. FANGORIA spoke to Makilassko a few months later on the heels of the North American release to talk about the long journey that became a zombie epic.

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    Craig Zobel: Eliciting “COMPLIANCE”

    Making its DVD and Blu-ray debut today from Magnolia Home Entertainment, COMPLIANCE is a psychological thriller that spins a fact-based story into a skin-crawlingly disturbing exploration of human behavior. It’s a remarkable achievement for writer/director Craig Zobel, who discusses the movie with FANGORIA in this exclusive interview.

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    SAVINI AND ME: Part Four, Mr Savini’s Neighborhood

    Most people can’t wait to get out of their parents’ house. They want to get away from their families and start a life of their own. Then, they want to get a bigger and better house; they might not need it, but they want it. It becomes a thing of prestige, who has the biggest house? Who lives in the better neighborhood? Look, my house is huge, I’m successful! When it comes to celebrities, it’s even worse. Typically, they try to move into the high class areas in L.A., and buy houses that are ten times the size they need, just because they can. This is why Tom Savini’s house was more than surprising. It was in a normal neighborhood in Pittsburgh and an average house, while the inside is anything but (see the entry Tom’s House for more on that. I was intrigued that Tom lived there; hell, I was surprised he didn’t live in L.A. like most other actors.

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