Fangoria Legends

The birth of FANGORIA in 1979 was inspired by the work of countless horror heroes – those directors, writers, actors and FX craftspeople who were our first leading lights through an important transition for the genre we love so much. FANGORIA LEGENDS is an ongoing tribute page where we’ll be looking back on some of the people whose contributions to the genre have constantly reinvigorated our own love for it. It’s also a place where we offer a nod to those whose early work we helped shepherd into the homes and hearts of millions of monster kids everywhere, that we’ve since seen grow into stalwarts of the genre.

Our inaugural installment will feature FX chief extraordinaire Tom Savini, a man without whose work we simply wouldn’t be here today. Stay tuned for exclusive photos from Savini’s archives, sound bytes, updates and an archive of classic Savini interviews.


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