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    Well, the Oscars came and went once again: mainstream Hollywood’s annual jillion-dollar celebration of itself. Like the Super Bowl and the Presidential election, it’s something we’re all supposed to care about deeply.

    As to we whether we do or not, that’s a purely personal thing.

    I’m always torn, when it comes to awards. And the Oscars are top of the line for that. I love movies almost more than life itself, but my favorites are rarely in the running (I’m lookin’ at YOU, LOOPER and THE CABIN IN THE WOODS). And when they are, they rarely win (BEASTS OF THE SOUTHERN WILD was my actual 2012 fave, and I’m thrilled it was up there, but it didn’t stand a chance).

    So I had the festivities playing downstairs, in the kitchen, and found myself wandering in and out towards the end, while feeding the dogs and waiting for THE WALKING DEAD.

    But I gotta tell ya: I’m really glad I was there when Quentin Fucking Tarantino picked up Best Original Screenplay.

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    Savini and Me: Part Six, Not an A**hole

    For a long time, there have been rumors floating around that Tom Savini is an a**hole. When I was first in talks with Tom to do a book, I’d mention that more than a few times I had heard fans say things like, “I heard he is a jerk,” or “I was told he is an a**hole.” “I don’t want to meet him, he’s a d*ck.” The funny thing is, pretty much all the people who said such things had never met him. It was all what they “heard” from other fans or read on boards. The rumor was rampant. I hadn’t talked to him much at this point, but from all of our communication, he seemed completely nice and civil. Then again, I was “working” with him; maybe he was just being nice? If I was a fan approaching him, would things be different?

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    BioGamer Girl: “ALIENS: COLONIAL MARINES” (Video Game Review)

    ALIENS: COLONIAL MARINES was in development in February 2008, announced by 20th CENTURY FOX to be considered a true sequel to the 1986
    classic ALIENS film, despite its new medium. Fast forward four years and numerous delays later, and the release of the highly anticipated title is finally
    here offering up a drop in-and-out cooperative multiplayer campaign, fun multiplayer modes featuring the continuing battles of space Marines against the

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    Savini and Me: Part Five, Savini on Letterman

    During my childhood my father worked the third shift, meaning he went in at three in the afternoon and came home at eleven at night. Being in the single digits, I was of course fast asleep by eight p.m. Some nights, though, I’d wake up to go to the bathroom or get a drink of water and hear my father down the hall. I would always get excited because my father was usually eating dinner and watching TV.

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    SAVINI AND ME: Part Four, Mr Savini’s Neighborhood

    Most people can’t wait to get out of their parents’ house. They want to get away from their families and start a life of their own. Then, they want to get a bigger and better house; they might not need it, but they want it. It becomes a thing of prestige, who has the biggest house? Who lives in the better neighborhood? Look, my house is huge, I’m successful! When it comes to celebrities, it’s even worse. Typically, they try to move into the high class areas in L.A., and buy houses that are ten times the size they need, just because they can. This is why Tom Savini’s house was more than surprising. It was in a normal neighborhood in Pittsburgh and an average house, while the inside is anything but (see the entry Tom’s House for more on that. I was intrigued that Tom lived there; hell, I was surprised he didn’t live in L.A. like most other actors.

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