Queer filmmakers made their mark on the horror genre during the earliest days of cinema – NOSFERATU, one of the most famous horror films of the silent era, was directed by a gay man , F. W. Murnau. For decades after this landmark achievement, closeted GLBT filmmakers expressed themselves through their work in coded themes not unnoticed by the rest of the equally closeted gay population. Thankfully the tide has turned, and queer filmmakers aren’t just out of the closet, they’re creating boundary-pushing work with, and without, GLBT themes. GAY OF THE DEAD will give GLBT filmmakers the opportunity to tell you their stories in their words, with much less hiding in the closet (they’re under the bed, just waiting for you to fall asleep…)

  • Gay of the Dead – Michael Varrati, Part One


    The very prolific gay auxiliary of the East Coast Indie Horror Factory is making good use of a (currently) West Coast screenwriter and actor named Michael Varrati. Screenwriting work with Bart Mastronardi (TALES OF POE), Alan Rowe Kelly (ditto), and Richard Marr-Griffin (IT CAME FROM THE VCR), plus acting roles in Troma flicks (RETURN TO NUKE ‘EM HIGH VOLUME 2) and Debbie Rochon’s directing debut (MODEL HUNGER) have kept this boy very busy. While keeping up a lively Facebook chat over the past weeks, I subjected him to my gay dog and gay pony show in the form of an email interview.

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