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    Exclusive British Horror Mixtape!

    As we gear up for our presentation of Beyond Fest’s ‘British Invasion’ night of new British horror featuring Ben Wheatley’s A FIELD IN ENGLAND and Elliot Goldner’s THE BORDERLANDS on October 18th in Los Angeles (more details on the festival website HERE), we made this awesome mixtape (if I may say so myself) with selections ranging from THE WICKER MAN to BERBERIAN SOUND STUDIO and everything in between, to give you a bit of British flavour in anticipation. Please listen and share!

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    Death Waltz announces new LP Art/Screening + Gives Fango an exclusive mixtape

    Presentation is everything, and the UK’s Death Waltz Records—one of our favourite specialists in high-end collectible soundtrack reissues—have reinvigorated some of the genre’s most beloved soundscapes with intricate packaging by an international roster of artists including Graham Humphreys (who designed the UK campaign for RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD and debuts new artwork for DW’s HOUSE BY THE CEMETERY release exclusively here), Jay Shaw (who designed our eye-popping website header) and Gary Pullin of Rue Morgue fame.

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    Here’s a little compilation I made for FANGO’s mixcloud player on the eve of the North American release of COME OUT AND PLAY, the elusive Makinov’s remake of Narciso Ibañez Serrador’s WHO CAN KILL A CHILD?. Music that, for me, evokes the dark side of playground songs, childhood pathology and dogmatic ambivalence, but also celebrates the unique childhood imagination.

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