As the cinematic world continues to evolve and new styles of filmmaking arise, the outlets from which budding artists are able to share their unique voices and stories evolves as well.  One such outlet, as obvious as it may seem, is the internet and the Tribeca Film Festival is making it a point to showcase outstanding filmmakers specializing in online filmmaking.

    In its fourth year running, Tribeca N.O.W. (New Online Work) is a specialty program within the overall programming of the Tribeca film festival, dedicated to the celebration of up-and-coming, online filmmakers. Even more so, within the last year, two additional programs have been added onto N.O.W., including OUT OF THIS WORLD: FEMALE FILMMAKERS IN GENRE, a special screening of three films created by three exceptional female filmmakers; Arkasha Stevenson, Vera Miao, and Nicole Delany.

    Liza Domnitz, current program director of N.O.W. notes, “Last year we further expanded Tribeca N.O.W. to include two additional programs; N.O.W. Special Screenings, which are more high-profile works from up-and-coming online studios or work that could be a feature film that’s going to be distributed just online. And then we started a private industry event called The Tribeca Creators Market, which is essentially a film festival market specifically for creators who are making works for the online space.”  She followed with, “And OUT OF THIS WORLD is one of the special screenings, the second part of Tribeca N.O.W.”

    After watching the films created by Stevenson (PINEAPPLE), Miao (TWO SENTENCE HORROR STORIES: MA), and Delany (YOYO), Domnitz knew instantly that these were something special. “I was genuinely impressed by all three of these pieces and all three of them have this very cool atmosphere and vibe to them, in very different ways. I’d seen PINEAPPLE at Sundance and it’s just visually spectacular. Then I’d seen the other two pieces and t struck me as a potentially really cool little program. And then I realized they were all women and it just worked out even better.”

    Now, with the growth of online studios such as Stage 13 and Adaptive Studios, more and more filmmakers are able to share their art with the world; this is only the beginning of the emergence of online filmmakers and strong female voices.  So, if you can, try to catch PINEAPPLE, TWO SENTENCE HORROR STORIES: MA, and YOTO, screening Saturday, April 29th at 6pm at the Cinepolis Chelsea 7. “It’s these three pieces back-to-back and then afterwards we are going to have a conversation with the three filmmakers and Cristina Cacioppo from Alamo Drafthouse will talk to them.”

    Tickets are still available so check out TribecaFilm.com for more info.

    Check out our conversation with Vera Miao and Nicole Delany HERE!

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  • Women to watch: Getting to know up-and-coming genre filmmakers Vera Miao and Nicole Delany


    With the 2017 Tribeca Film Festival in full swing, a new slew of budding filmmakers and exceptional films are being showcased in New York City for all to see. Over the years, during this highly regarded film festival, careers have been made, dreams have been surpassed, and new talent has been discovered.  Well, this year is no exception.

    In the first annual, special screening program, OUT OF THIS WORLD: FEMALE FILMMAKERS IN GENRE, three films, which represent the very best in online film making, will be screened, for one night only on Saturday, April 29 at 6pm. Each piece of work is a unique interpretation of genre film making told through the perspective of three exceptional women.  

    The tension-soaked PINEAPPLE, written and directed by Arkasha Stevenson takes a single word and creates a web-series surrounding the assault of a coal miners daughter; Vera Miao offers up TWO SENTENCE HORROR STORIES: MA, which dissects the intense relationship between an overbearing mother and her live-in daughter; and the world premier of YOYO, Nicole Delany’s dark-comedy about the end of the world and a young girl dealing with the annoyance of still being a virgin.

    Miao, the daughter of Chinese immigrants, is no stranger to the festival circuit. In 2013 her first feature film BEST FRIENDS FOREVER premiered at Slamdance and in 2015 was a part of the Sundance Institute/Women in Film Financing. Delany, a graduate from Columbia University’s MFA Film program, has been making moves in the entertainment industry for some time now. After working at Flower Films and Paramount Pictures, Delany moved onto writing for the TV series SEARCH PARTY as well as developing an animated, sci-fi series. FANGORIA was lucky enough to catch up with Delany and Miao between crazy schedules and the excitement of their Tribeca premiers.

    Photo Credit: Stage 13

    FANGORIA:  So, how does it feel having your film selected to be shown at such a highly regarded film festival?

    NICOLE DELANY: I’ve been a fan of Tribeca since I can remember; it’s a dream to be a part of this festival and screening amongst some of my all-time favorites.

    VERA MIAO: I’m thrilled, especially because I’m a New Yorker now living the Los Angeles life, so to get to premiere this series in my hometown, among my family and friends. It’s a dream come true. It’s also support that they support my belief that horror is an art form, like everything else, even though it can sometimes be dismissed as something less. Tribeca has been super supportive of me and my work. Plus, It’s run by a bunch of strong women I admire, so it’s great.


    FANGORIA: What led you to pursue a career in film making?

    VERA MIAO: Stories have always been the third parent in my life. I was a nerdy bookworm who haunted the library as a small child, reading every book I could get my hands on. Stephen King’s IT changed my life at the age of 13. And always, always, there were movies and TV. I rented Akira Kurosawa’s DREAMS from the library when I was 14, and my mind was blown. That might have been the beginning. (Support public libraries!) So, a career in film making is just an ecstatic continuation of being a lifelong fan.  As an avid film lover who never saw myself – Chinese, working class, child of immigrants, female – reflected in the stuff I watched, I wanted to play a small part in changing that. That feels really important and it’s a purpose that animates me beyond my deep love of film.

    NICOLE DELANY: I was 8 years old and my mom took me to see JURASSIC PARK four times. The film evoked such intense emotions and I knew I wanted to give audiences the same transformative experience.


    FANGORIA: Why is having a woman’s voice in genre films, specifically horror, so important?

    VERA MIAO: I can’t imagine even a semi-persuasive argument the other way, so I’m always a little confused by that question. What’s the downside? It’s simply imperative that women, and people of color, have voices in everything. It feels really basic, like fundamental building blocks to the big stuff – humanity, society, dignity, fairness, empathy, history, future – and to the smaller stuff – good storytelling, fresh perspectives, compelling ideas, and exciting voices. 

    NICOLE DELANY: I think we aren’t accustomed to seeing genre films through the female lens, and horror specifically deals with tropes that haven’t necessarily been fair to women. Reclaiming these genres from the male gaze is crucial for genre films to flourish, and for their stories to be new, poignant and multi-dimensional.


    FANGORIA: Is there a specific film or filmmaker within the genre who has inspired you? 

    NICOLE DELANY: I’d have to say Ana Lily Amirpour who made A GIRL WALKS HOME ALONE AT NIGHT. It was edgy, different, clean, quiet, and above all else I was completely frightened. Everything from the black and white shooting style, to Sheila’s monochrome wardrobe felt earned and so well executed.

    VERA MIAO: So many! Some of my all time favorites include THE ORPHANAGE, LET THE RIGHT ONE IN, ALIEN, ALIENS,  and at the risk of being a bad feminist, Polanski’s films, especially REPULSION and ROSEMARY’S BABY. And mad props to THE THING and THE DESCENT. DUMPLINGS just tickles the hell out of me, and deep respect to GET OUT.


    FANGORIA: What do you believe it takes to scare an audience?

    NICOLE DELANY: I think you have to make the fear as real as possible. To me, nothing is scarier than if something could really happen in the audience’s life, thereby turning their reality into a living nightmare. 

    VERA MIAO: I only know what scares me. Gore repulses, but that’s not the same and I’m personally not that interested. Jump scares give you instant gratification, but I’m more interested in the stuff that lingers. Death and abandonment, being alone in the literal and metaphorical dark, the human capacity for cruelty, being helpless; those things scare the shit out of me.

    Immediately following the screening of PINEAPPLE, TWO SENTENCE HORROR STORIES: MA, and YOYO, each filmmaker will be a part of a Q&A with the audience. This interactive and informative sit down will be hosted by Cristina Cacioppo from Alamo Drafthouse.
    For tickets and more information of the filmmakers and their films, click HERE!

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  • Tribeca Film Festival Midnight Section selection “TILT” teaser debut, screening schedule


    Directed by Kasra Farahani, written by Kasra Farahani and Jason O’Leary, TILT will make its World Premiere this Saturday, April 22nd at the Tribeca Film Festival! It was selected for this year’s lineup in the Midnight Section of the fest and is sure to please fright fans who have the privilege of catching a screening this weekend.

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  • Exclusive pics from Tribeca Film Festival anthology series “THE MIDNIGHT SERVICE”


    Besides the numerous genre movies playing in the just-opened 16th annual Tribeca Film Festival (see previous item HERE), a bunch of promising TV shows, shorts and VR experiences will be unfolding. Fango just got its claws on some exclusive pics from THE MIDNIGHT SERVICE, a true-crime series about urban legends, notorious criminals, occult pop culture and first-hand accounts of the unknown. Screening as part of the Tribeca N.O.W. showcase, THE MIDNIGHT SERVICE is a short-form program which uses a documentary style to explore the mysterious in the visual language of authenticity. Each episode bounces between real-life anomalies, notorious criminals, the occult in our midst and first-hand accounts of the macabre.

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  • “THE ENDLESS” clip debut, World Premiere screening at Tribeca Film Festival 2017


    Directed by Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead, written by Justin Benson, THE ENDLESS film makes its World Premiere this Friday, April 21st at the Tribeca Film Festival! It was selected for this year’s lineup in the U.S Narrative Competition section and is highly anticipated after Benson and Moorhead’s incredibly successful second feature film SPRING in 2014.

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  • Award-winning horror film “THE UNWILLING” poster reveal, coming to VOD and DVD Summer 2017


    Written and directed by Jonathan Heap, THE UNWILLING will be terrifying horror film fans around the world with a VOD and DVD release coming this Summer. For those unfamiliar, Jonathan Heap is an academy award-nominated writer and director with several notable works, not to mention an Oscar nomination for his short film “12.01”. The film’s Director of Photography is David Stump, who is an Academy Award and Emmy Award winner with work on both X-MEN and X-MEN 2 films.

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  • Tribeca Film Festival Midnight selection “DEVIL’S GATE” new clip, world premiere at this year’s fest


    The 16th annual Tribeca Film Festival takes place in NYC April 19-30 and will have several frightening films among their Midnight section. An official selection of the Tribeca Film Festival, DEVIL’S GATE will make its world premiere in this year’s fest. Directed by Clay Staub, written by Peter Aperlo, Staub, this film is sure to thrill all who see it.

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  • Vampires just got cooler with Ice-T in the mix; Ice-T talks up his new vampire flick “BLOODRUNNERS”!


    The first words out of his mouth were, “FANGORIA’S O.G., I’ve been reading that s*** my whole life!” And that’s how a conversation with famed rapper, rocker, actor, and all-around badass, Ice-T begins. Out to promote his latest cinematic endeavor BLOODRUNNERS (directed by Dan Lantz), a vampire flick set in the prohibition days of the 1930s, Ice-T was more than excited to let the Fango readers in on this indie feature.

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  • “INSIDE PSYCHO” podcast explores the untold story in new vivid horror series!


    In January 2017, Wondery launched their “HOLLYWOOD & CRIME” audio drama which took listeners through Hollywood’s most notorious crimes with a focus on the Black Dahlia Murder case. Now, they are back to launch their next original series, “INSIDE PSYCHO“! This in-depth production is bone-chilling. With a much needed “for mature audiences only” warning to open the episode, the stories take you to a deep, gory place leaving no gruesome details untold.

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  • Lee Gambin has readers foaming at the mouth with his new book, “NOPE, NOTHING WRONG HERE: THE MAKING OF CUJO”!


    For those of you who may not know the Melbourne based, film historian, Lee Gambin has had his articles published on the pages of some of the greatest horror websites and magazines out there, including FANGORIA. His books, WE CAN BE WHO WE ARE: MOVIE MUSICALS OF THE 1970s, and MASSACRED BY MOTHER NATURE: EXPLORING THE NATURAL HORROR FILM, have been sold worldwide. Now, Gambin has his readers foaming at the mouth for more, and his newest behind-the-scenes book is sure to appease.

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