Cage, Gardner in “RESOLUTION” Directors’ “SPRING”; EXCL Comments


One of the more eagerly anticipated films of the year is the sophomore feature from RESOLUTION filmmakers Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead, SPRING. Having recently wrapped production in Italy, the seemingly intimate tale of a young man abroad and the mysterious woman he becomes entangled with (Lou Taylor Pucci and Nadia Hilker, respectively) has revealed a larger, exciting cast at hand.

Joining Pucci and Hilker on the journey is RESOLUTION star Vinny Curran, as well as the writer/director/star of 2013’s best zombie film and indie breakout THE BATTERY, Jeremy Gardner. Also on hand, and perhaps most curiously, is Chris Palko, better known as highly acclaimed indie rapper Cage. Clear through his music that he’s been a longtime fan of genre cinema, Cage has also briefly branched out into acting, co-starring in the Shia LaBeouf-directed music video/short film riff on MAN BITES DOG for Kid Cudi’s “Maniac.”

Fango reached out to Benson & Moorhead about their neat casting, and while word is mum on the details of the film*, they had this to say: “Chris embodies what we try to do in our filmmaking: subvert expectation and come from an uncontrived view. Getting that dude to come out and play in our world a bit was everything you’d want it to be. He’s a class-act performer, too. He’s a multitalented guy. His vivid storytelling instincts in music cross into collaborating on movie stuff in a really special way.”

Keep an eye on Fango for much on SPRING throughout the year.

*Although, IMDb does have Palko’s character listed as “Wankster,” possibly revealing SPRING as a period piece taking place around the recording of 50 Cent’s 2002 mixtape, NO MERCY, NO FEAR.

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