“CABIN FEVER: PATIENT ZERO” lands U.S. distribution


If you’ve been PATIENT-ly holding out for the latest misadventures of that pesky flesheating virus, the wait is over, as the latest CABIN FEVER has been acquired for U.S. release.

Image Entertainment has announced that it will give CABIN FEVER: PATIENT ZERO theatrical and VOD release this summer. Directed by Kaare Andrews (who talks about the movie here, with exclusive photos) and scripted by AMUSEMENT’s Jake Wade Wall, the new sequel is set on a yacht and a Caribbean island where a group of vacationing friends discover that the virus is loose, and where an uninfected survivor is their only hope of making it out alive. Sean Astin, Currie Graham, Ryan Donowho, Mitch Ryan and Jillian Murray star, with makeup FX by Vincent J. Guastini. “Eli Roth’s original CABIN FEVER was a smashing success, establishing a huge cult following,” says Image’s Bill Bromiley. “We are proud to be a part of this franchise, distributing the third installment under the vision of Kaare Andrew. His commitment to stay true to this series will keep audiences wanting more.”

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