Brooklyn Horror Film Festival Announces Inaugural Line-up!


The rest of us get to look on with envy as the first annual Brooklyn Horror Film Festival comes to New York City. The inaugural occurrence of this film festival will be held October 14th through the 16th, boasting two World Premieres and five U.S. Premieres. The festival’s mission is to bring fresh horror films from all over the world to Brooklyn, screening them for the first time in New York.

Starting off the festival’s films will be the East Coast premiere of DEAREST SISTER, a Laotian fright film in which a young woman moves in with her recently blinded cousin. It’s only after the move that she discovers her cousin has the ability to talk to the dead. Another East Coast premiere will be the highly anticipated WE ARE THE FLESH, a story of a struggling sister and brother’s encounter with an erratic and potentially dangerous vagabond. It all ends with a killer of a closing night, as CHILD EATER makes its world debut. In CHILD EATER, babysitter Helen must face a mythical serial killer (picture a Freddy Krueger and Michael Meyers hybrid) who kidnaps her young charge.


The Brooklyn Horror Film Festival also invites viewers to join one man’s journey into the woods and his corresponding descent into madness in WITHOUT NAME. A nightmarish journey to the sea is also in order in the short film, THE MAN WHO CAUGHT A MERMAID. Attendees can choose to partake in game night in BEYOND THE GATES, the story of an evil board game which  subjects two brothers to supernatural terrors. There’s even a silent film, FURY OF THE DEMON, premiering for the first time in the U.S. Between these features and the others in the line up, the BHFF promises a heaping of fresh horror for its guests.

If the festival’s tantalizing array of films isn’t enough to make you consider moving to Brooklyn, the live festivities might. The BHFF will feature Apparition: A Popup Art Show to showcase horror themed artwork at Catland Books. The pieces displayed will include a variety of mediums and subject matter will range from the unsettling to the terrifying. Critical Drinking, an event that transforms movie trivia into a drinking game, will also take place, with NY’s finest genre critics tackling brain-busters and libations. A third event is Ghosts We’ve Known, a ghost story telling competition that will be held in the backyard of Catland Books. Whether you’d prefer your dose of horror on the screen or live in front of you, the Brooklyn Horror Film Festival has got you covered; you can pick up badges for the event and check out the full line-up HERE.

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Lexi Harrington
Lexi Harrington fell in love with horror after picking up Stephen King’s novel Carrie in middle school. Since then, she’s devoured as many horror movies and horror novels as she can. Lexi even writes about horror at Florida Atlantic University, where she is studying English. She’s also a Vinyasa yoga junky and teacher.
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