Brad Dourif’s mad-science movie “MALIGNANT” gets distribution


Brad Dourif is up to no good again in MALIGNANT, the latest from indie auteur Brian Avenet-Bradley of DARK REMAINS and GHOST OF THE NEEDLE. Word just came down about a North American release deal.

Gravitas Ventures has announced that it has acquired the U.S. and Canadian VOD rights to MALIGNANT, with a May premiere planned, followed by theatrical play courtesy of a distributor soon to be determined. Dourif plays a mysterious doctor who cures “addictions” through extremely unorthodox medical practices; Gary Cairns is Alex, a problem drinker who finds himself as the latest unwilling subject of his experiments. The cast also includes Nick Nicotera, Sienna Farall and Jennifer Blanc; Laurence Avenet-Bradley produced and Andrew van den Houten was executive producer. Track back through our previous coverage (including exclusives) starting here and look for more on MALIGNANT in Fango #333, on sale in May.

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