Boston Underground Film Festival Now Open For 2017 Submissions!


A new collection of darkly untamed films is being assembled now that the Boston Underground Film Festival is calling for submissions for its 2017 event. With its dedication to promoting independent films both strange and mentally twisted, B.U.F.F. can be relied on to deliver an intriguing line up. The films will be shown in 2017’s nineteenth annual B.U.F.F., held March 22nd through the 26th at the Brattle Theatre in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

B.U.F.F. strives to present unapologetically bold and controversial films to the public. The festival fosters film creativity by pointedly featuring works with unique and experimental styles. The chosen films are sure to have fresh viewpoints and sideways, non-traditional means of expressing the films’ messages. Film formats are as creatively varied as the titles will undoubtedly be, as B.U.F.F. showcases features, shorts, animations and documentaries.

While it’s difficult to categorize the films from last year into any one genre, horror fans weren’t left wanting. The 2016 schedule featured films ranging in subject matter from depraved family members to mermaids which feed off human blood. These characters reinforce B.U.F.F.’s self proclaimed enthusiasm for films both bizarre and wonderfully crazed. Horror fans should have a lot of gory, shocking surprises to look forward to.


Last year, the film awarded Best Feature by the audience was TRASH FIRE, an overwhelmingly potent blend of horror, drama and comedy. In a stand out performance, Adrian Grenier plays mentally troubled Owen, a man who makes the mistake of visiting his Grandmother and disfigured sister when his girlfriend (Angela Trimbur) becomes pregnant. The couple finds themselves in a hostile environment, with Owen’s disfigured sister casting a haunting presence over their visit. Judging by this 2016 feature, this coming B.U.F.F. is going to be thrillingly wicked fun.

Countering the tension filled family story of TRASH FIRE was the more fantastical BLOOD OF THE TRIBADES at the 2016 festival. A vampire film doubling as a social commentary, BLOOD OF THE TRIBADES was awarded Best New England Film by the audience. The film depicts authentic appearing vampires rather than ‘sexy’ ones. It also powerfully addresses lesbianism, feminism and religious rooted violence.

The issues addressed in both films reflect B.U.F.F.’s interest in political and thought provoking pieces. Considering the current political landscape, 2017’s films will likely bring up many discussion points of interest. The Boston Underground Film Festival, with its commitment to bringing filmmakers, curators and audience together, is the perfect arena for the views of these films to be expressed.

Intrigued? Feel free to check out B.U.F.F. by going to www.bostonunderground.org. Or, to submit your film to B.U.F.F. 2017 visit B.U.F.F.’s Without-A-Box and FilmFreeway.

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Lexi Harrington

Lexi Harrington fell in love with horror after picking up Stephen King’s novel Carrie in middle school. Since then, she’s devoured as many horror movies and horror novels as she can. Lexi even writes about horror at Florida Atlantic University, where she is studying English. She’s also a Vinyasa yoga junky and teacher.

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