Blowout! Subscribe to FANGORIA or GOREZONE, Get a Prize!

Been thinking about subscribing to FANGORIA or GOREZONE? Good news, we are now giving away tons of fantastic prizes to some very lucky subscribers… well actually, all of them!

Beginning today (Thursday, February 13th), FANGORIA will be giving away tons of prizing with the purchase of a subscription to either FANGORIA or GOREZONE magazine. Every single person who subscribes to either, for a full-year, will receive a prize, which could include t-shirts, DVDs, Blu-rays, posters, bumper stickers and much more. If you are in need of a renewal on your current subscription, now is the time!

Some of the companies who have donated swag include Scream Factory, Fright Rags, Anchor Bay, IFC, Synapse, Cinedigm, MPI, and more!  We will also be giving away FANGORIA t-shirts, vintage back issues, and even some of the coveted John Carpenter special editions.

The rules:

• You must subscribe through the FANGORIA website between 12 a.m. midnight on February 13th and 11:59 p.m. on February 18th EST.

• All subscriptions must be for a full year. These can be either new subscriptions or renewed subscriptions of either FANGORIA or GOREZONE. Six-month subscriptions are not eligible.

• If you purchase both a sub for FANGORIA and GOREZONE, you will win two prizes.

• Purchases/payments must be made through the website.

• Only open to domestic customers.

Ready to subscribe to the most renowned horror mags around and win some sweet, sweet stuff? Head right here


FANGORIA is the world longest running uninterrupted horror and dark fantasy film fan magazine, established in 1979 and still going strong. The mag has long aimed to bring its readers the best in horror film news and culture, from the genre’s storied past to its frightening present and beyond.

GOREZONE is FANGORIA’s splattery sister magazine, a shade darker and stranger than FANGO, with edgier articles and considerably bloodier photos. Dormant for 20 years, GOREZONE was revived in 2013 as an even more gonzo creation, filled with gory art, go-for-broke features and tons of adult oriented erotica.

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