Blood Window hosts Cannes Midnight Galas; to Screen “THE INCIDENT” & “DARKNESS BY DAY”


Blood Window, the genre film market section of Argentina’s Ventana Sur, is teaming with the world’s top fantastic film festivals for a slate of Blood Window Midnight Galas this May in Cannes. Dedicated to the continuing growth and development of Latin American genre film, and with support from Austin’s Fantastic Fest, the famed Sitges Film Festival, Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival, and the Frontieres Co-Production Market, which is a venture from Montreal’s Fantasia, as well as Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival and Vision-in-Motion, Blood Window will give the Croisette the first looks at Isaac Ezban’s THE INCIDENT from Mexico, Santiago Salvarado’s FALLEN CAPE from Spain, Martin Desalvo’s DARKNESS BY DAY from Argentina and more.

In the collaboration, each film selected for the Midnight Galas, running May 16-20, will be presented by one of the participating festivals. Ezban’s THE INCIDENT, a surreal feature about two groups of people endlessly trapped in both a staircase and on a highway, comes from Fantastic Fest, where it won Best Presentation at last year’s inaugural Mercado Fantastico| Fantastic Market. The film is also the Market’s first completed feature. HERE COMES THE DEVIL’s Andrea Quiroz and Morbido Fest’s Pablo Guisa Koestinger produce. You can, and should, check out Ezban’s out-there short NASTY STUFF here.

DARKNESS BY DAY, meanwhile, is selected by South Korea’s Puchon-PiFan Fest. In Desalvo’s film, “An outbreak of rabies has appeared in a small village. Virginia receives an unexpected visit by her cousin Anabel, who is suffering from a strange illness, sleeping during the day and staying awake all night. Day and night intermingle, telephones don’t work and with the bitter cold, a feeling of anxiety starts to grow on everyone. However, Virginia is feeling more and more attracted to Anabel…” You can see an image above, and the film’s new trailer, below.

Also playing Blood Window’s Midnight Galas is the aforementioned superhero-centric FALLEN CAPE, as well as Gabriel Greco’s opening film, the serial killer story STILL LIFE  (from Argentina) and Alejandro Hidalgo’s closing film, THE HOUSE AT THE END OF TIME. That film, from Venezuela finds a mother return to the home that haunted her as she raised two children.

The best film will be awarded by Mexico’s Morbido Fest, which will award the selection with additional post-production services and Mexican distribution. Additionally, Latin American genre fans will be able to see each film the day it premieres for a span of 24 hours on VOD serice Clarovideo.

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