Wheatley reveals Hiddleston for “HIGH RISE”


As Ben Wheatley’s  A FIELD IN ENGLAND approaches, more about his next project, the adaptation of J.G. Ballard’s influential HIGH RISE, is revealed. Earlier this week, Wheatley spoke to the design of the upcoming picture. Now, the director himself has revealed the first cast and the first art, both from thrilling names in their respective worlds.

Taking to Twitter, Wheatley announced, “HIGH RISE. shooting June. Starring Tom Hiddleston,” and debuted this anticipatory art from poster artist extraordinaire Jay Shaw.

This is fantastic. Hiddleston, who’s on deck for Guillermo del Toro’s next CRIMSON PEAK, and who’ll be seen in theaters this spring in Jim Jarmusch’s stunning vampire film ONLY LOVERS LEFT ALIVE is not only an incredible talent, but also clearly one with really exciting taste. His inclusion is also a clear step in Wheatley’s filmography.

Speaking to FANGORIA earlier this week, the director noted A FIELD IN ENGLAND as a sort of culmination of his films so far. It’s certainly true in theme and now especially in notoriety. Hiddleston’s fanbase (thanks in large part to Loki and Tumblr) will certainly guarantee a film by the already acclaimed Ben Wheatley in front of a great deal more eyeballs. Being Wheatley is one of the most electrifying filmmakers going, that’s great news. And being the director has claimed HIGH RISE will get even more out there than A FIELD IN ENGLAND, that’s even better news.

Written by Amy Jump (who’s penned all of Wheatley’s films thus far) and produced by Jeremy Thomas (who’s long been trying to adapt the novel), HIGH RISE finds the isolated tenants of luxury building savagely turn on each other, creating a class system by floor and losing all sense of civility.

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