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    HELLBOY IN HELL #4 (Comic Review)

    There is a popular saying for those poor souls who, once passed on, have found that their worldly problems have followed them to the land beyond: “Death is only the beginning.” HELLBOY IN HELL is the very embodiment of that statement, as Hellboy now finds himself in the shallow pits of Hell and its city, Pandemonium. This comic marks the return of HELLBOY’s creator, Mike Mignola, who both writes and draws the new story arc. Since issue one dropped back in December, fans and critics alike have praised the sublimely dark series, recommending it to both new and seasoned readers. With a mix of heavy inks and a beautiful storytelling, this arc stays true to the HELLBOY mythos while adding another layer to already an epic tale.

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  • “WITCH DOCTOR: MALPRACTICE” #4 (Comic Review)

    When we last left Dr. Vincent Morrow, the poor man had a demonic parasite swimming around in his body, shadowy ne’er-do-well’s following his every move, and a deadline to deliver the Pandoracopeia, a book of harmful spells, to the hooded antagonists who set the virus loose on him. It doesn’t seem like it could get much worse for him, does it? Well, it wouldn’t be much fun if it didn’t.

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    “TALES OF FEAR #1″ (Comic Review)

    by: Svetlana Fedotov on: 2013-01-29 14:38:57

    Some say that the horror comic magazine is as dead as a
    week-old corpse, never to walk and love again. Few brave souls, however, have
    taken it upon themselves to ignore such opinions, attempting to give the forgotten
    medium another shock to its undead heart. Of course, who could really blame
    them? With comic companies re-printing every old mag they can find, the sudden
    rise in popularity for the classics has rekindled a love for all things
    “eerie.” Morality plays, ghoulish hosts, and dangerous women are back with a
    passion! TALES OF FEAR #1 is a recent addition, a one man’s pursuit to cut out
    a niche into the already huge cake of the horror world. Though the comic is
    kind of rough to look at, the passion that creator Gary Scott Beatty has for
    the bizarre clearly shines through.

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    “TO HELL YOU RIDE #2″ (Comic Review)

    by: Svetlana Fedotov on: 2013-01-28 14:42:50

    TO HELL YOU RIDE is a thirty-year dream come to life. As
    conjured up by Lance Henriksen in the cold mountains of pre-ski lodge Colorado,
    the work finally gets to see the light of day thanks to Dark Horse comics.
    Though it was first written out to be a movie script, it’s been smoothly translated
    over to the finer medium of word balloons with a seamless mix of writing and
    art. A story of old curses and even older families, TO HELL YOU RIDE is a rich
    tale of Native American spirituality and the evils of man on Earth.

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    by: Svetlana Fedotov on: 2013-01-27 03:05:32

    Few can argue that true grindhouse film exhibition is a fading art. While most theaters are pumping out the newest blockbuster schlock, others, like the Grand Cinema in Tacoma, WA, are still retaining their old 35MM ways. Their monthly series of old and loved horror movies, aptly titled “Grindhouse Theater”, has been bringing fans from up and down the Pacific Northwest.

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