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    Your “ABCs OF DEATH”: S for Jake West

    by: Samuel Zimmerman on: 2013-01-31 18:00:16

    Are you ready for THE ABCs OF DEATH? Were any of us, really?
    With one punchy line—“26 Directors, 26 Ways to Die”—the film announced itself
    as a highly anticipated, highly insane romp through one of our earliest tools
    of education. Attempting to learn you the alphabet something fierce, the horror anthology and
    its roster of some of genre’s best international talent leaves no repulsive,
    splattered, pearl-clutcher of a stone unturned. Jake West, director of DOGHOUSE,
    landed “S” and subsequently crafted a multi-faceted, swiftly-paced piece. Here,
    he speaks to Fango about his own love for the subgenre and more.

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    You can design the Fantasia Film Festival’s 2013 Poster Art!

    by: Samuel Zimmerman on: 2013-01-28 17:49:34

    Montreal’s Fantasia Film Festival, one of the world’s premier celebrations of genre and creative filmmaking across the board is offering its audience the chance to design this summer’s poster art, and subsequently, two VIP passes to the entire event.

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    Recap: “AMERICAN HORROR STORY 213, Madness Ends”

    by: Samuel Zimmerman on: 2013-01-25 23:32:40

    Possibly the most striking thing about how AMERICAN HORROR
    STORY: ASYLUM has wrapped itself up is that, in a show and season so imbued
    with a love of and homage to cinema, “Madness Ends” really went to bat for the
    power of television. Really, Ryan Murphy’s extended, warped odyssey through a Massachusetts
    mental institution could not have been told any other way. Brutal, soap operatic,
    involved, indulgent and even massively transformed from beginning to end,
    ASYLUM laid down with grace via a 60 MINUTES-esque sit down and a horrifying
    exposé reminiscent of Geraldo Rivera’s own investigations of the squalor at
    Staten Island, New York’s Willowbrook State School.

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    “JUG FACE” (Slamdance Movie Review)

    There’s a weirdness to the circumstances of JUG FACE’s plot that doesn’t quite take hold of the entire film. That is to say, a bit disappointingly, that a movie about prophetic pottery, incestuous pregnancy and a pit that demands sacrifice is a lot more of a straightforward horror picture than it sounds.

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