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    The Problem with the Modern Slasher

    As distribution continuously evolves, a world of choices await horror fans in theaters, on demand and online. It seems that today nearly every niche is served, and so much so that a modern update of the Italian Cannibal film is currently anticipating wide release this fall. But as hauntings, home invasions, hopping vampires, killer kids and prosumer cameras hit screens large and small, there’s something missing.

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    Win Urban Myth doc “KILLER LEGENDS” On DVD!

    Following CROPSEY, Joshua Zeman teamed with filmmaker Rachel Mills for another real life exploration into urban legends. The omnibus doc of sorts, entitled KILLER LEGENDS, crossed the country in search of hard truths behind nightmarish myths. Having premiered on Chiller TV this past spring, KILLER LEGENDS is coming to DVD in July and Fango’s got a copy for you!

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  • First Clip, Release Details: Intimate Festival Hit, “HONEYMOON”

    Touted as the Midnighter to watch at this past March’s SXSW, HONEYMOON, the feature debut from director Leigh Janiak, is now on its way to release. The intimate, marriage-based horror story is largely a two-person show tapping into the all-too-easy spread of mistrust and self-doubt, and its unsettling atmosphere is rooted in just how quickly that can set in. Take for instance the span of the film—which takes place over just a few sunny days at a rural cabin—and know the below clip is really just night three, or so.

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  • TV Spot: Chiller’s Upcoming Anthology Explores “5 STATES OF FEAR”

    This July, Chiller TV is following up its first CHILLING VISIONS anthology with a sequel. Whereas the first focused on the five senses, the latest will explore five debilitating states and mindsets (and actual states!). Contributions come from Glass Eye Pix filmmakers Glenn McQuaid and Graham Reznick, as well as Brett Simmons (HUSK), John Poliquin (GRAVE ENCOUNTERS 2) and Zao Wang, and you can see snippets of their stylized horror stories in a new TV spot featuring actual footage from the film. 

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  • First Trailer: WWE Revamps “LEPRECHAUN”

    Bypassing theatrical release, and hitting VOD and DVD this August is WWE’s curious “reboot” of LEPRECHAUN, starring Dylan “Hornswoggle” Postl in the title role. Of course, last year’s CURSE OF CHUCKY had a similar release pattern and, like LEPRECHAUN: ORIGINS, with its more serious intent, hit the spot for many fans and admirers of that series. Will ORIGINS have as much success?

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