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    Collectibles for Adults: Mondo reveals “SILENCE OF THE LAMBS” Wine/Posters

    The surprising, serious quality of NBC’s HANNIBAL has led to a bit of a renaissance of the Thomas Harris-created cannibal, and Mondo — the Alamo Drafthouse’s collectible arts boutique — has not only revealed a great poster, but the continuation of their limited series of wine and a slate of SILENCE OF THE LAMBS feasts.

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    New poster to “CARRIE” you through the weekend

    Sure, there’s a new motion poster for Kimberly Peirce’s CARRIE redo, but more than anything, I just want to know why this Keep Calm… trend endures.

    As you probably know, the original Keep Calm and Carry On posters were one of a series of designs from the British Government’s Ministry of Information and produced by His Majesy’s Stationery Office to boost morale midst World War II. The Keep Calm design was never actually displayed for the public, but ended up rediscovered in 2000. Since, it’s become a pop culture display, utilized by almost every niche of fandom and the like, and while it hasn’t gone away, is certainly very, very tired.

    But! Carry and CARRIE are homophones, and so it’s been used in anticipation of the Chloe Moretz-starring adaptation of Stephen King’s classic novel. Flashing are scenes specifically from her telekinetic prom mayhem, which if keep getting shown in trailers likely won’t have much of an effect on screen and calmness is exactly how everyone will keep.

    You can see the poster at the CARRIE tumblr.

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    New York haunter Tim Haskell looks forward to this summer’s all-night “CAMP NIGHTMARE”

    It’s the beginning of Memorial Day weekend and summer, however unofficially, is here. A season with special ties to horror, it is where the youthful inclination of exploration and reckless abandon meets undeserved punishment, and when you close your eyes it’s envisioned as converging in one place: Camp. Endlessly revisited through FRIDAY THE 13TH sequels, THE BURNING and what have you, camp is a kind of mythical space whose forest getaway is recognizable to audiences and conceivably not very far from their own cabin experiences, minus the kills. Well, until now.

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