• Trailer: Alex de la Iglesia-Produced Psychothriller, “SHREW’S NEST”

    Spanish horror legend Alex de la Iglesia, who just released his own WITCHING & BITCHING via IFC, is presenting the feature debut from newcomers Juanfer Andrés and Esteban Roel, SHREW’S NEXT (Musarañas). Starring Nadia de Santiago, WITCHING’s Macarena Gomez, Carolina Bang and Hugo de Silva, as well as SLEEP TIGHT’s Luis Tosar, the ’50s-set psychothriller about manipulation, obsession and separation anxiety between two sisters now has an international, subtitled trailer. 

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  • Trailer: Takashi Miike Returns to Horror with “OVER YOUR DEAD BODY” and “YAKUZA APOCALYPSE”

    While the U.S. is yet to see his apparently harrowing school-set psychothriller LESSON OF THE EVIL, prolific Japanese madman Takashi Miike has otherwise been seemingly uninterested in the realms of more hardened horror in recent years. Thankfully, for audiences blown away by his transgressive work in the likes of ICHI THE KILLER, AUDITION, THREE… EXTREMES and VISITOR Q, the filmmaker’s next two features are directly up our alley.

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  • “DRACULA UNTOLD” Official Trailer: From Monster to Antihero to Superhero?

    Conceived as an origin story for the legendary monster and most iconic vampire of all, DRACULA UNTOLD has developed into a tale of sacrifice by the prince who would become Dracula. The first trailer for the film previews such a story, one of loss and battle and tragedy, but as the poster did before it, also evokes modern blockbusters and superheroics in its Gothic process.

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  • Shane Black and Fred Dekker’s “PREDATOR” Isn’t a Reboot/Remake

    How do you overcome such dreaded words as remake and reboot? We found out this week when a new PREDATOR film was announced with Shane Black at the helm and his MONSTER SQUAD’s Fred Dekker co-writing. Getting the filmmakers separately responsible for the likes of LETHAL WEAPON, KISS KISS BANG BANG and NIGHT OF THE CREEPS back together (they co-write SQUAD) seemed to far outweigh any sort of apprehension at intentions to restart the story of the beloved hunter alien. But more good news has come down, as Black reveals he isn’t interested in a reboot.

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  • First Posters: Aubrey Plaza in Zombie Comedy “LIFE AFTER BETH”

    LIFE AFTER BETH is a horror-comedy that charts the ill-fated trajectory of reconnecting with an ex, but with zombies. It’s very funny, with an amazing turn from star Aubrey Plaza. It’s grosser than you might think, especially after laying eyes on the first posters, which play up its stars and the film’s indie, dark comedy vibe. 

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  • New Trailer for “TWIN PEAKS” Blu Set Reveals Nuttiest Special Feature

    For many, TWIN PEAKS: THE ENTIRE MYSTERY is the home video event of 2014. A 10-disc set featuring the entire series restored, as well as David Lynch’s amazing prequel film FIRE WALK WITH ME and its long sought after 90 minutes of deleted footage, plus interviews, outtakes and more is exactly what admirers and fans have been hoping for. A new trailer, boasting upgraded footage comparisons and just how special much of the lost material is (Log Lady intros!) is certainly appetite whetting, but it’s also revealing of what might be the set’s biggest and nuttiest surprise. 

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