• New Trailer for “THE DROWNSMAN’s” Festival Premiere

    Canadian filmmaker Chad Archibald, who previously produced buzzed-about independent titles IN THE HOUSE OF FLIES, ANTISOCIAL and SEPTIC MAN, has two directorial features world premiering at this summer’s Fantasia International Film Festival. One of which, THE DROWNSMAN, is a highly anticipated supernatural slasher with a flashy new trailer in light of the festival’s commencement. 

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  • First Teaser: Alex Aja and Daniel Radcliffe Adapt Joe Hill’s “HORNS”

    There’s a lot to be excited about when it comes to HORNS. Joe Hill’s novel is a terrific work of fantasy/horror/crime. Daniel Radcliffe has established himself as a fine young actor with a taste for the macabre. And finally, the film feels poised to be something of a return for Alexandre Aja (HIGH TENSION, THE HILLS HAVE EYES). Following its premiere at last summer’s Toronto International Film Festival, Radius-TWC will finally distribute the film this fall and the first teasers are here. 

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    Excl: Robert Englund on Donning the Freddy Makeup “One Last Time”

    Convention goers and Freddy’s Children alike have been buzzing since the announcement that iconic actor Robert Englund will don his equally iconic Freddy Krueger makeup “one last time” this summer, to give fans at Chicago’s upcoming Flashback Weekend some real q.t. There, on August 8, Englund will set up shop in his classic burned visage and take part in countless photo ops, a seemingly once-in-a-lifetime event only improved by makeup application from FX legend and NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET veteran Robert Kurtzman (KNB, Creature Corps).

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    [SDCC '14] See Irish Festival Hit, “THE CANAL” Free!

    Ivan Kavanagh’s THE CANAL made a terrific, frightening impression this past spring at New York’s Tribeca Film Festival, and was in turn quickly swept up by our friends at Shock Till You drop and their new distribution venture with The Orchard. Now, as the annual San Diego Comic-Con approaches, Fango is teaming with STYD to bring horror fans headed that way a special early look at the nerve-shredding piece of work.

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  • Trailer: Fantastic New Zealand Horror Comedy, “HOUSEBOUND”

    There was a real discovery out of Austin’s annual SXSW this year: Gerard Johnstone’s HOUSEBOUND. As the haunted house arrest horror comedy continues to knock out festival audiences around the world (it just won the HR Giger Award at the Neuchâtel International Film Festival) on its way to an October U.S. release, you can get a look at what to expect from this creepy good time in its first full trailer.

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