• Win an “AS ABOVE/SO BELOW” Prize Pack!


    The dead which populate the famous Catacombs of Paris didn’t get to take much with them to their final destination. But if you’re planning to head down into these tunnels of terror and lose your mind in the process, Fango and Legendary/Universal would like you to be properly outfitted. In anticipation of AS ABOVE/ SO BELOW, the new horror film from John Erick and Drew Dowdle, Fango has a Prize Pack for fans and readers, that includes wearable swag and a signed poster!

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  • Trailer: Alex Aja-Produced “THE PYRAMID” Excavates Terror

    The first trailer for THE PYRAMID claims its been 91 years since any tombs in Egypt have been disturbed. It feels almost as long since we’ve had a proper fright based in the region, with the contemporary MUMMY movies going for a little more adventure and a little less horror. Have Alexandre Aja and director Gregory Levasseur plans to change that?

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  • Jorge Michel Grau and SpectreVision Embrace Classical Zombies in “CURSE THE DARKNESS”

    What’s fascinating about the zombie boom and subsequent phenomenon is the seeming reticence to embrace the creature’s pre-Romero existence and folklore. Having effectively created the flesh-eating ghoul as we know it, NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD was a departure from the zombie’s Caribbean origins as a corpse revived through necromancy and often put to work. The concept of being doomed to an existence as a mindless entity meant to do the bidding of a master is still readily eerie, if not exactly based in fact.

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  • Trailer: Eduardo Sanchez’s Bigfoot Horror, “EXISTS”

    Though recent years have seen an increase in Sasquatch scares, we’ve been patiently awaiting this one in particular. From Eduardo Sanchez, co-creator of THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT, 2011’s undervalued LOVELY MOLLY and clever V/H/S/2 zombie segment “A Ride in the Park,” EXISTS is a faux doc fright featuring one of the most mythical monsters of all, Bigfoot.

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  • Lifetime Goes to Series with Romantic, Dark “DAMIEN”

    We are so fascinated with the adolescences and young adulthood of our iconic killers. As more narratives demand and present the origins of heroes, villains and everything in between, television adaptations use such as the basis for prequels, sequels and new iterations of classic characters. Similar to BATES MOTEL and the currently developing LEATHERFACE, Lifetime aims to explore the life of Damien Thorn, struggling with his role as Antichrist in a THE OMEN-based series set to premiere in 2015.

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  • Lovering to Direct Elisa Lam-inspired “THE BRINGING”

    By now you’ve seen the Elisa Lam video. A young woman, who’d soon turn up dead is caught in a void of dread in the Cecil Hotel in Los Angeles, a place already known for brushes with infamous activity (like that of Richard Ramirez and Vienna Strangler Jack Unterweger). Lam enters an elevator, the door won’t close. For several minutes she confronts, hides from and contests something unseen just outside. Whatever the entire ordeal is, eerie certainly describes it. 

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