• Lifetime Goes to Series with Romantic, Dark “DAMIEN”

    We are so fascinated with the adolescences and young adulthood of our iconic killers. As more narratives demand and present the origins of heroes, villains and everything in between, television adaptations use such as the basis for prequels, sequels and new iterations of classic characters. Similar to BATES MOTEL and the currently developing LEATHERFACE, Lifetime aims to explore the life of Damien Thorn, struggling with his role as Antichrist in a THE OMEN-based series set to premiere in 2015.

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  • Lovering to Direct Elisa Lam-inspired “THE BRINGING”

    By now you’ve seen the Elisa Lam video. A young woman, who’d soon turn up dead is caught in a void of dread in the Cecil Hotel in Los Angeles, a place already known for brushes with infamous activity (like that of Richard Ramirez and Vienna Strangler Jack Unterweger). Lam enters an elevator, the door won’t close. For several minutes she confronts, hides from and contests something unseen just outside. Whatever the entire ordeal is, eerie certainly describes it. 

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  • Watch the First Five Minutes of Argentinian Neo-Giallo, “SONNO PROFONDO (DEEP SLEEP)”

    Contemporary giallo is a fascinating, often exhilarating thing. As the beloved genre is currently seeing a revival, be it in small stylistic nods or all-out throwback, the current incarnations are more interesting than average subgenre homage. Possibly because giallo is so steeped in style, design and psychosexual leanings, the current crop aren’t tediously adhering to formula. In some cases, they’re using it to subvert expectations and craft something wholly unique (BERBERIAN SOUND STUDIO). Others are using it as opportunity for spoof (THE EDITOR). Filmmakers like AMER and STRANGE COLOUR… duo Hélène Cattet & Bruno Forzani, meanwhile, are fetishizing its aesthetic into experiment and stylistic overload. Argentinian filmmaker Luciano Onetti falls in with the latter, and you can get a taste of his work with the first five minutes of the upcoming SONNO PROFONDO (DEEP SLEEP). 

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  • Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters have Won the Ice Bucket Challenge with “CARRIE” Nod

    As I imagine you are a human being reading this, it is likely that you a) have Facebook and b) are somewhat familiar with the internet, which c) means you’ve probably not avoided being exposed to the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. While purporting to raise awareness and money for a medical cause (ALS: Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, aka Lou Gherig’s Disease), the Ice Bucket Challenge has in actuality just clogged your feed with people standing in their backyards pouring some combination of ice cubes and fresh water directly over their head. Well, now it’s on Fango. Thanks Foo Fighters!

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  • Kevin Smith, Johnny Depp and Their Daughters Team for “YOGA HOSERS”

    Last month, filmmaker Kevin Smith (CLERKS, CHASING AMY) announced his intent to spin off the upcoming body horror TUSK (pictured) into a film entitled YOGA HOSERS, will little explication on what the latter film might be. Announced today as teamup between Smith and immeasurably famous actor Johnny Depp, it seems YOGA HOSERS is a supernatural action horror comedy of sorts, with a robust cast and a teenaged mindset.

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