• The Amazing “STRANGE COLOR OF YOUR BODY’S TEARS” Begins Theatrical Release Tomorrow

    THE STRANGE COLOR OF YOUR BODY’S TEARS is unreal. Undoubtedly one of the best horror films this year, Hélène Cattet & Bruno Forzani’s second full-length experimental giallo is a forceful, unrelenting work. It is so hypersensitive to touch, color, sound, sex and violence that the tiniest hint of such sends the entire film into psychotropic overload.  It is visually, sonically resplendent and thus deserving of your attention on as big a screen as possible.

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  • Miike, “SPRING” and Giallo Comedy Lead Fantastic Fest 2014’s Second Wave!

    Behold, Fantastic Fest approaches. The annual Austin festival devoted to all things cinematically wild is a special haven for genre lovers, cinema lovers and really great vibes. This year is poised to be even more so as the fest celebrates its tenth anniversary, as well as the grand re-opening of Fantastic Fest HQ, the Alamo Drafthouse South Lamar. Announced today is the second wave of programming, which includes Takashi Miike’s return to horror, the latest from RESOLUTION duo Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead, Astron-6 giallo comedy THE EDITOR and the second feature from TOAD ROAD’S Jason Banker.

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  • Today in Alex Aja: New “HORNS” Trailer & “THE 9TH LIFE OF LOUIS DRAX”

    Aside from its being based on a stellar novel from Joe Hill, part of the excitement surrounding HORNS is what feels like a comeback from Alexandre Aja. Though PIRANHA 3D was unrepentant fun, the talent, style and flare revealed in grimmer fare like HIGH TENSION and THE HILLS HAVE EYES seems to have been rejuvenated. Just the opening images of this latest trailer for the Daniel Radcliffe-starrer embraces the book’s dark fantasy leanings and hopefully sets the stage for a surprising, strange film.

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    Win an “AS ABOVE/SO BELOW” Prize Pack!

    The dead which populate the famous Catacombs of Paris didn’t get to take much with them to their final destination. But if you’re planning to head down into these tunnels of terror and lose your mind in the process, Fango and Legendary/Universal would like you to be properly outfitted. In anticipation of AS ABOVE/ SO BELOW, the new horror film from John Erick and Drew Dowdle, Fango has a Prize Pack for fans and readers, that includes wearable swag and a signed poster!

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  • Trailer: Alex Aja-Produced “THE PYRAMID” Excavates Terror

    The first trailer for THE PYRAMID claims its been 91 years since any tombs in Egypt have been disturbed. It feels almost as long since we’ve had a proper fright based in the region, with the contemporary MUMMY movies going for a little more adventure and a little less horror. Have Alexandre Aja and director Gregory Levasseur plans to change that?

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  • Jorge Michel Grau and SpectreVision Embrace Classical Zombies in “CURSE THE DARKNESS”

    What’s fascinating about the zombie boom and subsequent phenomenon is the seeming reticence to embrace the creature’s pre-Romero existence and folklore. Having effectively created the flesh-eating ghoul as we know it, NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD was a departure from the zombie’s Caribbean origins as a corpse revived through necromancy and often put to work. The concept of being doomed to an existence as a mindless entity meant to do the bidding of a master is still readily eerie, if not exactly based in fact.

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  • Trailer: Eduardo Sanchez’s Bigfoot Horror, “EXISTS”

    Though recent years have seen an increase in Sasquatch scares, we’ve been patiently awaiting this one in particular. From Eduardo Sanchez, co-creator of THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT, 2011’s undervalued LOVELY MOLLY and clever V/H/S/2 zombie segment “A Ride in the Park,” EXISTS is a faux doc fright featuring one of the most mythical monsters of all, Bigfoot.

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