• Q&A: Luigi Cozzi Returns to Directing with “BLOOD ON MÉLIÈS’ MOON”

    Deacon of Italian Science Fiction films, Luigi Cozzi (or Lewis Coates, the pseudonym he used to sign some of his movies for the USA market) doesn’t need any introduction. Director, screenwriter and film critic, Cozzi’s last full length movie was DE PROFUNDIS (THE BLACK CAT) back in 1990, after which he made a bunch of documentaries on Dario Argento and, having witnessed the slow death of Italian “genre” Cinema, has since decided to open, with Argento himself, “Profondo Rosso” a retail movie memorabilia store which also publishes books.  

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    Event Report: Horror and Metal Collide at Hellfest 2014!

    “I see that heavy metal and horror movies are sharing the same audience and the same fate: both the films and the music are very, very popular, but the companies that put out the music and the films don’t take it seriously. Although they have millions of bands and they are making a lot of money, record labels are trying to hide them. And movie studios push aside the horror films as record labels push aside metal acts, even though they make all the money with them”.

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    Q&A: “THE LORDS OF SALEM” Actresses Meg Foster and Dee Wallace

    The city of Salem, Massachusetts probably would have stayed anonymous through history if it wasn’t for the notorious witch trails that took place there between 1691-92. Cinema has frequently found inspiration in these infamous events, and filmmaker/musician Rob Zombie returns to the screen this Friday with THE LORDS OF SALEM, perhaps his darkest and most audacious work to date, with veteran genre stars Meg Foster (from John Carpenter’s THEY LIVE, pictured above with Zombie) and Dee Wallace (from Joe Dante’s THE HOWLING and others) among his cast.

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  • “MIMESIS”: Night of Living the Dead

    George A. Romero’s NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD has been remade, officially or unofficially, countless times, almost always with disappointing—if not disastrous—results. But Douglas Schulze’s MIMESIS (on DVD and Blu-ray tomorrow from Anchor Bay) adapts that classic in original and intriguing ways. FANGORIA spoke to the Michigan-based director about his horror homage.

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  • Evil Flies the “IRON SKY”

    Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich left a deep imprint on not only history, but modern society and the movies. But while some filmmakers have been inclined toward the dramatic and political aspects of Nazism, others have opted to poke fun at the Führer’s mad ideology—revealing, beyond the surface silliness, more interesting ideas than in some serious titles. One such feature is Finnish director Timo Vuorensola’s IRON SKY, which just had its new Director’s Cut screened at the Berlin International Film Festival.

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