• “IT’S IN THE BLOOD,” and it’s on DVD soon

    An prize-winning independent chiller starring one of Fango’s favorite actors is coming to disc this spring. Monarch Home Entertainment will release Scooter Downey’s IT’S IN THE BLOOD on DVD April 23. Genre veteran Lance Henriksen stars as Russell, a father who takes his estranged son (Sean Elliot, who also scripted with Downey) on trip into the woods, hoping they can reconnect.

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    Walter Hill’s “BULLET” Ballet

    2013-02-01 21:41:09

    Veteran action director Walter Hill has been staging mayhem
    in Louisiana for several decades now. His debut at the helm, 1975’s HARD TIMES,
    was shot in New Orleans; he ventured into the bayou for the 1981 action/horror
    hybrid SOUTHERN COMFORT; and went back to the Big Easy for 1989’s JOHNNY
    HANDSOME. Now he’s making the city’s streets run red again with the Sylvester
    Stallone-starring revenge thriller BULLET TO THE HEAD, his first feature in 10
    years, which he talks about in this exclusive Fango interview.

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    Women in Horror 2013: Danielle Panabaker, Not Just One of the “GIRLS”

    Danielle Panabaker has been terrorized on screen by infected maniacs, killer fish and a certain hockey-masked Mr. Voorhees over the past few years, but now she’s the one dispensing death in GIRLS AGAINST BOYS. The actress discusses her starring role in the vigilante shocker, opening today from Anchor Bay Films, in this exclusive interview.

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    Halloween Horrors With “JACK ATTACK”

    It’s a week before Halloween when Fango ventures to the set of JACK ATTACK, a new horror short set during pumpkin season intended to scare you out of your gourd. Directed by Bryan Norton, creator of PENNY DREADFUL, and Antonio Padovan, it stars V/H/S’ Helen Rogers; Fango spoke to all three, and we’ve got a few exclusive photos as well.

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