• Exclusive Preview: The 2014 Calgary Horror Con

    The Fourth Annual Calgary Horror Con is just weeks away, and FANGORIA will be on location to help Alberta-based fans get their fix of our much-loved horror rag. Taking place on August 2-3 at Calgary’s Clarion Hotel and Conference Centre, this year’s Con boasts an all-star lineup of the genre’s biggest names, including PHANTASM creator Don Coscarelli, Troma mastermind Lloyd Kaufman, beloved SLEEPAWAY CAMP starlet Felissa Rose, revered Canadian scream queen and filmmaker Lynn Lowry and a number of other familiar faces that have ushered silver screen scares throughout several decades of horror cinema.

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    Simon Rumley talks his new-to-DVD films, “GEORGE ROMERO” movie and more

    Prior to his transition to the (very) dark side with films like THE LIVING AND THE DEAD and RED WHITE & BLUE, British independent filmmaker Simon Rumley made his big break into feature-length filmmaking with his “youth culture trilogy”—STRONG LANGUAGE (2000), THE TRUTH GAME (2001) and CLUB LE MONDE (2002, pictured above). The loosely connected triad is getting a long-overdue DVD release in North America today via Jinga Films, and Fango spoke with Rumley about these seminal works as well as what he’s got coming up.

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