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    Q&A: FX Artist Gary J. Tunnicliffe talks Kickstarter feature “JUDGEMENT”

    As the bizarre FX brain behind countless genre titles such as the HELLRAISER films, WISHMASTER, CANDYMAN, DRIVE ANGRY and many more, Gary J Tunnicliffe is more than just a horror staple. It’s been years (eleven) since his directorial effort HANSEL & GRETEL however. With plans to step behind the camera once again for the upcoming moral flesh feast JUDGEMENT, the filmmaker/artist is turning to a fundraising campaign to put his latest nightmare on screen. Fango sat down with Tunnicliffe to discuss the film be says he, “has to make.”

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    “ONCE YOU PUT A SHARK IN A TORNADO, ALL BETS ARE OFF”: A Q+A with Director Anthony C. Ferrante

    The shark film has become one of cinema’s most durable subgenres, and the tireless folks at The Asylum have contributed four entries in as many years to the ever growing tally of toothy predator flicks. Their latest, debuting July 11th on Syfy (9/8c), unleashes the mother of all disaster movies by combining two of nature’s most vicious forces into one horrifying threat: a SHARKNADO.

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