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    [Blood in the Snow '13] Anthony D.P. Mann talks “THE GHOSTKEEPERS”

    Even in the world of independent horror cinema, actor/filmmaker Anthony D.P. Mann is unique. As a youngster, while his peers were dining on slashers and gore fests, he was seeking out classic horror adaptations from British television. While other filmmakers gravitate towards larger productions, he’s stayed and worked out of the university town of Kingston, Ontario, utilizing the local structures and making sumptuous looking period pieces on a micro-budget.

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    The Psychotronic Tourist: FANGO Visits Tokyo’s CAMBIARE…The SUSPIRIA Bar!

    Our favorite films quickly feel like a part of our lives. You watch them repeatedly and they become like comfort food or a nice easy chair. You want to live in those movies, hang out with the characters and immerse yourself in their surroundings. The proprietors of Tokyo’s Cambiare Bar and Grill have taken this idea a little further, designing their establishment after Dario Argento’s 1977 masterpiece SUSPIRIA. When word of this bar’s existence hit the news wire, many a horror fan’s curiosity was piqued. Luckily, this writer found himself in Tokyo this past summer and decided to check it out. This was the story.

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