• Q&A: Marc Carreté on Barcelona-set Possession tale, “ASMODEXIA”


    Following two forays in the fantasy genre with the short films MAL CUERPO (2011) and CASTIDERMIA (2012), the latter of which was co-directed with Xavi Garriga, Marc Carreté (born in Barcelona, 1970) makes his feature debut with the film ASMODEXIA; a road film concerning an evangelist grandfather, his granddaughter, exorcisms and the city of Barcelona as theatre of the events (a metropolis that has, in recent years, become the impromptu set of many horror productions: from REC [Paco Plaza & Jaume Balagueró, 2007] to LOS ÚLTIMOS DIAS [Alex Pastor & David Shepherd, 2012], Hooked Up [Paul Larcuen, 2013] and even the U.S. and Canada co-production AFFLICTED [Clif Prowse & Derek Lee, 2013], of which the initial section was also developed in Barcelona).

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