• “LUCKY BASTARD”: Terror and Porn Clash in NC-17 Horror Show


    When a porn site holds a contest that promises wild, on camera sex with one of its stars, Ashley Saint, as the prize, you can only imagine the gaggle of characters that apply for such an honor. The offers pour in like lava erupting from the Kilauea volcano, filling their inbox with a wide assortment of sexed up applicants. In an attempt to play it safe, they go with a down on his luck guy named Dave. He just lost his brother to cancer, served his country in the military and seems as good-natured as Doctor Dolittle in a fur-filled forest. What could go wrong? When the porn producing team meets their winner in person on the day of the shoot, Dave seems a little off. Forging ahead they overlook his personal ticks and jump into the filming. Over excited, Dave blows the scene and begins to feel humiliated over the whole ‘jumping the gun’ incident. Thus begins his spiral down. Dave’s spiral will include blood. Not his, theirs.

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  • An Actor’s Best Friend, Debbie Rochon remembers canine co-star Valkrie


    Beloved genre veteran and longtime Fango friend/contributor Debbie Rochon just recently lost a dear friend and co-star. Here, she pays tribute to Valkrie Athena Liquori, a dog like no other. 

    Movie star canines have featured prominently in some of my personal fave cult and horror movies. Named simply ‘Dog’, THE ROAD WARRIOR featured man’s best friend as the last trustworthy companion Max had left in this world. As it turns out, he was right. The dog was played by an adopted shelter pup and trained to perform in the film. Because the sound of the engines upset him—and in one incident, caused him to relieve himself in the car—he was fitted with special earplugs. His breed was a Blue Heeler, sometimes also referred to as an Australian Cattle Dog. ‘Dog’ went to live with Dale and Max Aspin after the movie wrapped. Max was the stunt coordinator for the film, and his wife Dale was the animal handler and trainer, as well as being a stunt performer herself.

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