• “DER TODESKING” (Blu-ray/DVD Review)

    With a human skull placed right next to him, director Jörg Buttgereit tells us we’re about to see “a movie against suicide” in his introduction to the new Blu-ray and DVD of DER TODESKING—a film about seven characters committing suicide on each day of the week. And like Buttgereit’s other films that we’ve been covering as they fortuitously ooze onto disc via Cult Epics, DER TODESKING rubs your nose in the beauty and nausea of death and decay while greatly respecting you for bearing witness.

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    “NEKROMANTIK 2” (Blu-ray Review)

    Not long ago, we were blessed with a pretty stocked Cult Epics Blu-ray of German filmmaker Jörg Buttgereit’s infamous NEKROMANTIK (review), which made the world ill upon its 1987 arrival and rightfully retains its notoriety. Having acquired more experience behind the camera and further fascination with those who prefer sex with the dead after reading an interview with a female necrophile, Buttgereit decided a sequel would be a worthwhile endeavor.

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    Women in Horror ’13: The Return of Christina Lindberg!

    Original artwork by Rob Jones, commissioned for The Exploitation Army in 2005

    There are certainly some out there who own a THRILLER: A CRUEL PICTURE T-shirt, but don’t know the name of the beautiful one-eyed actress screen-printed on the front.  I can understand that.  The image is irresistibly potent and perfectly represents what we love so much about no-bullshit cinema.  The iconic visuals of more savage films from yesteryear haunt us as films fans, in the best possible sense. And Christina Lindberg’s “Frigga” from THRILLER…, one of the most devastating yet entertaining of rape/revenge films, has always been a queen among of those poltergeists.  If you do own that shirt, it’s okay – you understand that the woman on your chest made an impact, and I’d love to tell you more about her.

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