• British Psych-Horror “BAD MEDICINE” Turns to Crowdfunding

    As reported here earlier, UK creeper BAD MEDICINE is a feature length, psychological horror film set to shoot end of the year, a flick that aims to bring some of ’80s Brit-horror’s most beloved talents back to the screen. The movie, written by genre scribe Dave Jeffery and directed by James Hart (ASCENSION) takes place in a mental health ward during a therapy session, where the participants tell their individual stories of the horrific and shocking events that led them to be where they are now. The film is a horror portmanteau featuring five short films bound together by a wraparound story.

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    “RAGE” (Movie Review)

    RAGE’s hook is in its title. Yes, that hook is obvious in that it rhymes with the surname of its star. And that’s no coincidence. Cage signed on to RAGE when it was called TOKAREV, a name that suits its story best and yet would no doubt be a nightmare to market (a Tokarev is a Russian handgun). So instead, the middle-management suits retitled it RAGE to cater to the ever-expanding Nicolas Cage internet-based cult, directly alluding to the web meme that sees Cage channeling Billy Corgan.

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  • Famous Femmes Gear Up For DAY OF THE SCREAM QUEENS Fan Event

    California-based horror fans: mark Sunday, January 25th on your collective calendars for B-filmmaker David DeCoteau’s second annual DAY OF THE SCREAM QUEENS, a full-day celebration honoring the ladies we love from the flicks we adore, going down once more at Burbank horror culture hotspot Dark Delicacies.

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  • Mick Garris Mines Interview Archives for Comprehensive Website and YouTube Channel

    You know the name Mick Garris. He’s the ardent horror and weird fantasy film fan who parlayed his passions for all things odd into a thriving career as one of the genre’s most important producers, directors and visionaries. Outside of his myriad films—including several key Stephen King adaptations like SLEEPWALKERS and the beloved TV miniseries version of THE STAND—Garris is, of course, the mind behind the massively ambitious, lamented MASTERS OF HORROR TV series. The anthology show ran for two years and was the first of its kind to amass horror and cult film royalty in one room, giving such talents as Tobe Hooper, Stuart Gordon, Tom Holland, Brad Anderson, John Landis, Don Coscarelli and many, many other “masters” the chance to direct compact, graphic shockers their way.

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  • Full Moon Kickstarts “KILLJOY’S PSYCHO CIRCUS”

    B-Cinema saw one of its greatest killer clowns in KILLJOY, the malevolent inter-dimensional (un)funnyman, demon of vengeance and all around bad-ass monster from hell who’s graced four beloved, bloody and luridly awesome dark fantasy films from weird movie mavens Full Moon.

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  • Montreal Horrorfest Film Festival: First Wave Announced!

    The Montreal HorrorFest is back for its third year, rolling out a miasma of morbid programming and gory guests geared toward the genre, including a diverse film festival component that spotlights genre pictures from around the world. FANGORIA got the scoop on the first wave of those fright flicks and you can have look for yourself in the list below…

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