Ashley Thorpe’s “BORLEY RECTORY” Set To Wrap Campaign


UK animator and veteran FANGORIA contributor Ashley Thorpe has been steamrolling his Indiegogo campaign to raise the scratch to bring his magnum opus, THE BORLEY RECTORY, to life. With the kindness of strangers as well as fellow UK ghost story enthusiasts Clive Barker, Axelle Carolyn, Neil Marshall, Mick Garris and Neil Gaiman, he’s almost there. And though the campaign closes on December 15th, he’s still looking for a few more shekels to see the flick through.

THE BORLEY RECTORY is an animated documentary inspired by the haunting that caught the worlds imagination during the late 1920’s. The Rectory was a victorian mansion built during the 1860‘s by the Reverend Henry Bull on a site rumored to have been the location of a monastery wherein a great tragedy had taken place.


Says Thorpe: “I discovered it via the Usborne book of ghosts back in the late 1970’s. I think it was that moniker ‘The Most Haunted House in England’ that really struck a chord. This wasn’t just ‘a’ haunting, it was the haunting. And being a visualist first and foremost it was a story that was full of these wonderful gothic archetypal ghosts; the Phantom Nun, the ghostly carriage, all that wonderful stuff. The book had the story broken down into a series of almost vignettes, little square pictures of the key happenings and so the story stuck in my head almost like bullet points. It lurked there at the back of my mind for years, fermenting…”

Although a small budget production they’ve attracted a fantastic cast: Reece Shearsmith, Jonathan Rigby, Nicholas Vince, Steve Furst, Richard Strange and Sabrina Dickens among many others with a narration by Julian Sands and an original score by Steven Severin.

Join the BORLEY RECTORY team before midnight, December 15th. To support the project, visit the campaign page, and you can watch the exclusive FANGORIA clip below:

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