Announcing “STARLOG PRESENTS THE BEST OF LEONARD NIMOY” Limited Edition Magazine


Earlier this year, the passing of iconic actor Leonard Nimoy shook the foundations of science fiction fandom. Nimoy was so much more than Spock; he was a presence, a thinker, and an accomplished writer and filmmaker in his own right. He was a truly interesting individual and the world shall never know another like him.

Now, before FANGORIA – as most of you know – there was STARLOG, one of the most important magazines ever to  document science fiction film, literature and culture by the fans, for the fans. After over three decades in print, STARLOG ceased to be, only to be recently resurrected as a website by editor Ken Hanley recently. And while we’d love to bring STARLOG back full time, the print media terrain is mighty treacherous, and we’d rather remain in the digital space than ever do a disservice to the STARLOG memory…

But, under the right circumstances, STARLOG deserves to make a printed appearance, now and then….

Therefore, we’d like to announce “STARLOG presents”, a limited edition print magazine curated by the team that slaves away to bring you both FANGORIA and GOREZONE. And the STARLOG name would love to pay tribute to one of the most essential actors in sci-fi history: THE BEST OF LEONARD NIMOY.

Nimoy cover

“STARLOG Presents THE BEST OF LEONARD NIMOY” is a glossy print magazine, limited to 500 copies, that assembles and reprints some of the most interesting articles culled from STARLOG’s rich history. This will include vintage and rare interviews, photos, mini-posters and features detailing Nimoy’s unforgettable work in the STAR TREK franchise and more.

STARLOG Presents THE BEST OF LEONARD NIMOY will be printed and shipped at the end of April but we are opening the store for PRE-ORDERS now. Again, we are ONLY PRINTING 500 copies of this magazine. So order NOW to ensure you get yours. You can pick up your copy at the FANGORIA store!

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