Announcing our FANGORIA Presents: SCREAM FACTORY magazine!


FANGORIA is pleased as putrid punch to announce the mother of all creepy collaborations: a massively cool partnership between America’s favorite horror magazine and the nation’s best-selling retro-horror boutique home-video imprint, Scream Factory.

Coming this summer is a glorious, limited-edition FANGORIA Presents: SCREAM FACTORY special issue (see the cover below), a complete A-Z essay compendium spotlighting every classic and cult horror film currently offered by the celebrated label, penned by FANGORIA staffers and supported by in-depth interviews and acres of rare, full-color photos. This glossy love letter will be printed on heavier paper stock and sold only via specialty newsstands and at Fangoria.com.

“The team here at Scream Factory is honored to be working on such an in-depth and fun project with FANGORIA,” say Scream Factory brain trusts Cliff MacMillan and Jeff Nelson. “Since many of our releases are films we grew up on and that appeared in Fango in the past, this special edition is a surreal full-circle moment for us, and we hope for our fans as well.”

Fango editor Chris Alexander concurs: “Scream Factory has created a name for itself not just for delivering beautiful releases of classic titles like DAY OF THE DEAD, THE HOWLING, NIGHT OF THE DEMONS and HALLOWEEN II, but in rolling out the red carpet for lesser-loved gems like THE ISLAND, PSYCHO III, THE HORROR SHOW and DIE, MONSTER, DIE! This magazine offers an opportunity for our staff to rhapsodize over this wealth of genre goodness while also uniting our collective fan bases. We’re having a blast making this thing, and we’re sure you’ll have a blast reading it.”

FANGORIA Presents: SCREAM FACTORY will be on sale in late August; keep checking back here for more updates as we get them.


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  • Josh B

    Whoa! Neat

  • Stephan Segantini

    To quote The Tall Man: Phaaantaaasssstiiic!;)
    I will buy my copy at the time!!!

  • Dwight

    Yay! A celebration of the most overrated, pathetic label out there. Can’t wait.

    • ~Adam~

      Nah, they’re not celebrating Twilight Time.

    • Precious Roy

      Dwight, you are just bitter because you have a low-paying job an can’t afford to buy these glorious Blu-rays. Nobody to blame but yourself, buddy!

    • Jack Boom

      Don’t like it, stick to your crappy VHS or DVD releases then. Scream Factory rules.

      • Dwight

        LMAO, because Shit Factory doesn’t release pathetic DVD four-packs, right? Or, even better, bury a gem like The Evictors as an extra on a DVD in a combo pack. Nah, I stick to companies who are worth my money. Bye, sheep.

  • Nick Naven

    very excited.

  • Ernie Prado

    I have yet to pick up one of their releases, With money being tight I just can’t justify double dipping for movies I already have on DVD, Once they start releasing movies I don’t have,that is when I will pick up their discs. I do like their cover art.

  • Michael Joy

    So, the Rob Zombie issue that was advertised to ship in May STILL hasn’t been shipped as of today, July 9. And Gorezone 32 is now approaching a month late. But this upcoming special issue “will be on sale in late August”. HILARIOUS. Good one, sirs.

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