Announcing FANGORIA Legends: Rob Zombie magazine, now up for pre-order!


The latest in our celebrated line of FANGORIA Legends limited-edition magazines is an examination of the films, music and wild world of the one and only Rob Zombie! Read on for the details and a first look at the cover.

Inside this special mag (only 2,000 copies to be printed, and shipping at the end of May), you’ll find the mother of all Zombie interviews, a massive, no-holds-barred, oozing-warts-and-all career-spanning chat conducted by Trevor Parker that leaves no rock (or roll) unturned. Supporting that talk, you’ll find tons of new interviews with Zombie alumni of every sort, as well as scads of ultra-rare (some never-before-published) photos handpicked by Zombie from his personal collection for this publication. And groove on the cover painting below by our regular FANGORIA Legends artist Kelly Forbes!

FANGORIA Legends presents Rob Zombie is a gift to hardcore fans that will sell out fast. Pre-order your copy today here!


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  • Fangoria Failure

    I would preorder this, BUT since I’m STILL waiting on my mag subscription that I ordered back on November of 2013, and additionally have spoken with someone on the phone about but have STILL yet to receive anything, I’ll go with no. First sub. in my life that has been paid for that has taken over 5 months to receive a single copy…smh

    • Chris Alexander

      Hey there! Email me chris@fangoria.com with your name and I’ll look into your sub!

  • Don Lawrence

    why can not i pre-order the Rob Zombie issue? i click to order and it takes me to the Fangoria home page. PLEASE help me. thank you.

  • Don Lawrence

    is there any way to track my order. i am still waiting on my copy to arrive…………

  • Cindy Manning

    I pre-ordered this Rob Zombie issue and STILL have received nothing!

  • Michael Joy

    Non-responses and Fangoria’s complete disinterest in addressing the problems buyers have had with their customer service is now driving me to post this on every post I see until someone from Fangoria PUBLICLY addresses this problem with a real answer. The customer service on their special issues (i.e. Special sold-online only issues plus Gorezone) has been terrible, and while they seem to have plenty of time to repeatedly post on their website and Facebook pages, seemingly they can’t find the time to address their frustrated customers. The Rob Zombie special magazine is now so late that it’s perfectly reasonable to assume that they’ve cancelled it. They advertised a late-May shipping date, then those of us who pre-ordered it got an e-mail explaining that they wanted to include info on his new movie, and this would add an extra week or so. I now justifiably feel lied-to about that. The fact that Fangoria is still taking orders/money on their site for a magazine they know they aren’t delivering is unethical at best, and something else at worst. Gorezone 32 is also now significantly late. I see that other people are having problems with their subscriptions to the regular mag, but I can’t personally speak for that, as I buy it in the store. Posts to their pages, and e-mails to their contact address yield nothing whatsoever. Hysterically, they advertise that the next special issue (the Scream Factory special) ships in August, and the idea that if I order it that I’d have it in my hands before October is downright laughable. It’s less the delays in and of themselves that are angering me, but rather Fangoria’s complete, clearly-deliberate disinterest in addressing this problem. 4

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