Announcement: Kevin Smith joins FANGORIA #348 as Guest Editor!


Last Year, FANGORIA gave fright fans the very first guest-edited issue in our 35+ year publishing history. The end result was one of our strongest and most exciting issues to date, FANGORIA #343, with Bryan Fuller indulging our loyal readership with his personal taste for the macabre as well as a look behind the curtain on the apparently final season of HANNIBAL. Yet with the recent editions of FANGORIA finally printing after months of obstacles, FANGORIA is excited to announce that we’re continuing our sinister summer with our second-ever guest editor: independent filmmaking icon Kevin Smith!

That’s right: with his third genre offering, YOGA HOSERS, currently touring the country before its theatrical release on September 2nd, Kevin Smith is editing and curating our July issue, FANGORIA #348, infusing our pages with his twisted vision. However, even beyond his directorial efforts, Kevin Smith is a tried-and-true fan of FANGORIA, recently featuring vintage issues of the magazine on COMIC BOOK MEN and praising the influence FANGO has had on fandom as a whole.

“As a longtime FANGO reader from back in the day, it’s an honor to serve as Guest Editor for Issue #348,” said Smith.

“There’s no denying that Kevin Smith has changed the relationship between fans and fiction, having personally redefined his interaction with his own fanbase over the years through live speaking engagements, screening tours, convention appearances, and his podcast network,” said FANGORIA Editor-in-Chief Ken W. Hanley. “Of course, his recent genre efforts such as RED STATE, TUSK, and YOGA HOSERS have showcased a bold, unabashedly haywire sensibility worth celebrating in any artist working outside their niche. But what makes Smith perfect as Guest Editor is his passion for the horror genre, and seeing him geek out on stage at the ASH VS. EVIL DEAD panel at New York Comic Con last year reminded me of the infectious spirit for horror that defines FANGORIA.”

In addition to Smith’s contributions to the issue, FANGORIA #348 will also feature exclusive comments regarding Smith’s next horror offering, MOOSE JAWS, as well as newly-commissioned cover artwork from Studiohouse Designs. FANGORIA #348 is currently scheduled to hit shelves and mailboxes later this month, with subscribers and online marketplaces receiving the digital edition as soon as production is complete.

Stay tuned for more announcements regarding the Kevin Smith-edited FANGORIA #348, including cover and contents, here at FANGORIA.com!

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