Announcement: Joe DeRosa & FANGORIA.com team for short story series “SOME SEVERE SITUATIONS”!


As die-hard readers of our publication may remember, FANGORIA has sporadically dipped our toes into the world of written fiction. Whether it was our “Weird Words” series or FANGORIA Comics, FANGORIA has previously offered stories from unique minds within the horror world, but as of lately, all has been quiet on our written original content front. Now, FANGORIA is excited to announce that is no longer the case, as our WE’LL SEE YOU IN HELL host Joe DeRosa is teaming with FANGORIA.com to present a new anthology series of short-form horror, entitled SOME SEVERE SITUATIONS: DARK, UNUSUAL FICTION.

Written by DeRosa, SOME SEVERE SITUATIONS will offer original tales of the mad and macabre, available every month exclusively on FANGORIA.com. Mixing the mischievous attitude William Gaines with the acerbic, blunt vernacular of DeRosa’s acclaimed comical stylings, SOME SEVERE SITUATIONS is guaranteed to offer up bloody goodness unlike anything you’ve read before.

“I’m incredibly excited that these stories have a home, and I’m incredibly honored that home is FANGORIA,” says DeRosa. “I’ve been a fan of both the magazine and anthology horror fiction since I was a kid, so this is really an unexpected dream come true.”

SOME SEVERE SITUATIONS will debut on Friday, June 15th, with DeRosa’s hilarious tale of creature confusion, “Something in the Water?”. In the meantime, you can hear DeRosa alongside co-host Patrick Walsh currently on the aforementioned WE’LL SEE YOU IN HELL podcast, which relaunches its third season next week. Stay tuned for more updates on SOME SEVERE SITUATIONS here at FANGORIA.com!

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