Angus Scrimm, Remembered: Director Jim Wynorski


With the passing of horror icon Angus Scrimm last weekend, FANGORIA is dedicating this week to the memory of our dear friend. We have reached out to several of those who knew Angus well for their parting words and to share their memories of the extraordinary actor. Here, words from longtime B-filmmaker Jim Wynorski, who cast Angus in several films.

Angus Scrimm appeared in a number of my movies, including THE LOST EMPIRE [pictured above], CHOPPING MALL, TRANSYLVANIA TWIST, VAMPIRELLA, MUNCHIE and MUNCHIE STRIKES BACK. Of course, I’d seen him in PHANTASM first and was eager to have him in THE LOST EMPIRE, my directorial debut. He was such a nice guy on set, but instantly turned on the “scary” when the cameras rolled. Our friendship grew as the production rolled on, and by the time we wrapped, I knew I’d be working with him again and again.

SCRIMMOBITWYNORSKINEWSI remember inviting him, in between EMPIRE and CHOPPING MALL, to a surprise birthday party for longtime friend and horror buff Ron Borst—who showed up at my house thinking he was there for a screening of HORROR OF DRACULA. When Ron rang the bell, Angus answered the door in full Tall Man getup, saying, “Happy Birthday, boy.” It was a moment no one at the party will ever forget, especially Ron.

Another moment I’ll always remember is when the doorbell rang at my new home on a hot summer afternoon in ’89. Outside on the porch stood Angus, presenting me with a lovely—and, I’m sure, quite pricey—housewarming gift: a set of silver steak knives (how appropriate, huh?).

The man was a class act all the way. And that’s how I’ll always remember Angus Scrimm.

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