EXCL: Swedish Label Last Exit Entertainment to Release Iskanov’s “NAILS” and More


Catering to connoisseurs of weird cinema everywhere, fledgling Sweden-based cult film imprint Last Exit Entertainment has recently launched with a mandate to bring everything from Russian mindbenders to German nihilistic gorefests to DVD. The good lads at LAST EXIT were kind enough to reveal what will be their first title, Andrey Iskanov’s debut feature NAILS [Gvozdi]. Iskanov himself will provide an introduction to the film and this special edition will also include a number of extra features and a bonus CD containing the soundtrack.

Last Exit has re-mastered and color corrected NAILS in a transfer supervised by Iskanov himself to make it the ultimate version of this controversial film. NAILS tells the tale of a young hitman who, being confronted by his guilt, takes to reliving his emotions by hammering ten inch nails into his head. But instead of relief, he finds that his actions trigger a hallucinatory state and nightmarish visions! Turning to his high-power industrial drill as a last exit, he passes a limit no man has previously been beyond.

The debut feature of Andrey Iskanov marks the start of the HalluCinoGeNnN trilogy and showcases genuine independent craftsmanship. Exploring themes of mental suffering, torment of the psyche, profane violence and visual surrealism, NAILS is one of the landmark debut features of alternative cinema.

Future releases Last Exit will be handling are Iskanov’s epic PHILOSOPHY OF A KNIFE, as well as the complete HalluCinoGeNnN trilogy consisting of NAILS, VISIONS OF SUFFERING and INGRESSION. These four titles will make up the start of The Andrey Iskanov Collection. They will also be releasing the first titles in The Marc Rohnstock Collection, GRAVEYARD OF THE LIVING DEAD and NECRONOS, both presented in 1.85:1 anamorphic widescreen for the first time ever.

For more information, please visit the Last Exit Facebook Page.


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