An Italian Horror Excerpt from Kier-La Janisse and Paul Corupe’s “KID POWER!” Book


Kier-La Janisse and Paul Corupe, the heads of psychotronic film site Spectacular Optical are attempting to brand the SpecOp name out into a series of cinema-centric books. If you’re familiar with either of their published work—Janisse as the author of the amazing HOUSE OF PSYCHOTIC WOMEN or Corupe over at Canuxploitation!—you’ll understand the thrill in this prospect. Their first project is an anthology of essays entitled KID POWER!, focused on “child empowerment in film and television.” I’ve previously noted just how exciting and vital this can likely be to cinephiles, and as their IndieGoGo campaign hits the home stretch, am happy to give you a peek inside the book, as well as one last push to get a great piece of film writing out into the world. 

With contributions from Janisse, Corupe, Fango’s own Chris Alexander, producer/programmer Zack Carlson, filmmaker Briony Kidd and more, KID POWER! spans genres and esteem in its odyssey of kool kids, from obscure horror and children’s entertainment to celebrated coming-of-age classics. The below sample page certainly belongs in our wheelhouse, as it comes from Alexandra Heller-Nicholas and Craig Martin’s piece “Nicoletta Elmi: Italian Horror’s Imp Ascendent,” which explores the career of Elmi, so unforgettable in films like BAY OF BLOOD, WHO SAW HER DIE?, Argento’s DEEP RED and more.

Janisse also writes, “Other horror-related content in the KID POWER! book is the interview with John Hough and Paul Hough about the era of Disney that gave us nightmares with films like ESCAPE TO WITCH MOUNTAIN and THE WATCHER IN THE WOODS, an interview with Rebecca Smart, the child-star of CELIA: CHILD OF TERROR and an interview with Richard Nielsen, the creator of 80s TV show THE LITTLE VAMPIRE.”

The full lineup of content is stellar, and that’s not to mention if you’re in Toronto, one of the Crowdfunding perks finds Janisse and Corupe come to your house and present and introduce three hours of Kid Power Programming!

If you’d like to help out on the little that KID POWER! needs to reach its goal, find the campaign here.


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