An exclusive shot of “ROTGUT” pics, promo art and release details, plus trailer


The worms crawl in, the worms bore out in the gross-out practical-FX shocker ROTGUT. Jump past the jump for the full release info, plus exclusive photos and promo art as well as the official trailer.

Camp Motion Pictures will release ROTGUT to DVD and digital platforms September 6, and gave us the scoop that the 16×9-enhanced widescreen transfer will be accompanied on the disc by a behind-the-scenes feature and a trailer vault. Directed by Billy Garberina of NECROVILLE, I HEART U and other indie films, scripted by Devin O’Leary and produced by Craig A. Butler, ROTGUT stars Aaron Worley, Megan Pribyl, BIRDEMIC’s Whitney Moore, Jeremy Owen, Israel Wright, Paul Alsing and Garberina himself, with makeup FX by Hank Carlson. The synopsis: “A seedy downtown bar on a quiet Sunday morning becomes a battleground for Armageddon when a batch of bad booze contaminates the alcohol supply of the local drunks. Carrying a mutated worm, the tainted tequila infects all who drink it, swiftly turning them into ravenous hosts for brain-eating worms. Luckily, an intrepid group of drunks, losers and lost souls is on hand to save the day!” See the movie’s website here.





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