Amplify Takes Jason Banker’s Stunning “FELT” for Spring 2015

Challenging and revelatory, Jason Banker’s second feature FELT is set to leave you silent and stunned this spring. 

Having world premiered to great acclaim this past September at Austin’s Fantastic Fest, FELT is the next step in Banker’s exciting voice (following the unsettling TOAD ROAD), one that smashes doc and fiction together as he builds narrative around a real life subject. Enter Amy Everson, an artist who Banker chronicles and in the process reveals a great talent. Together the two visualize and tackle an overtly and overwhelmingly aggressive world for women. Ours. Having just played AFI Fest in Los Angeles, Amplify has announced its acquisition of FELT and an intended release in April 2015.

Directed, produced, co-written, and shot by Banker FELT stars Amy Everson in a breakout performance as a “young woman trying, and almost succeeding, to overcome both a past trauma and the subtle aggressions she experiences daily from the men in her world by immersing herself in her art. By re-appropriating the male form into an unpredictable alter ego, she may be pushing away her friends, but the power and domination she feels is the only thing that finally may allow her to heal. When she meets Kenny (actor/filmmaker Kentucker Audley), she slowly opens herself up to him, hoping to have her faith in men restored.  Completely blurring the line between narrative and documentary, FELT doesn’t just point a finger at rape culture; it takes a full on swing at it that audiences will be hard-pressed to shake off.”

“FELT is the kind of film that defies genre in the absolute best way,” said Amplify’s Dylan Marchetti. “It’s a baseball bat to the face of rape culture, and that’s something that’s sorely needed. It’s cliché to say ‘I’ve never seen a film like this’, but I’ve never seen a film like FELT, and neither have you.”

“From the beginning I knew that Amy’s unique and powerful story needed to be told,” said director Jason Banker. “It was important that FELT ended up being released by a company that understands its pressing cultural relevance. I am indebted to Amplify for being that company.”

“FELT is a deeply personal film, and the way it’s resonated with people highlights the importance of having a serious discussion about how society treats women,” said co-writer and star Amy Everson. “I am grateful it’s being distributed by a company that understands this and wants to spread awareness with us.”

For more on FELT, I wrote of its merits and tremendous effect in my Fantastic Fest report here. If you’ve yet to see TOAD ROAD, it’s streaming on Netflix and Hulu now.

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