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Actress Brinke Stevens has graced many a movie with her exotic looks, and now her bewitching voice can be heard reading the horror audiobook DARKNESS UNBOUND: LADY IN BLACK. We have words with Stevens and the novella’s author, Glenn Porzig, past the jump.

DARKNESS UNBOUND, released this month on iTunes, Amazon and Audible, is Stevens’ vocal interpretation of Porzig’s first work of fiction, following what he calls “some obscure comic books, including ACE OF DIAMONDS for Lone Star Press.” The story, as related in the official description, concerns “A detective investigating ritualistic murders, a nun whose faith will be challenged, a supernatural killer with an unholy agenda…their souls forever tied together by a dark secret.” Although Stevens has done quite a bit of voice work in the past, from an audio version of her comic book BRINKE OF ETERNITY to dubbing Spanish films and German cartoons into English to a GARFIELD cartoon show (!), this is her first self-produced audiobook.

DARKNESSUNBOUNDBRINKENEWS“It was slow going at first—a big learning curve,” she tells Fango. “I had to buy the equipment, build a sound booth in my home office and figure out how to record and edit using the Audacity program. Glenn was incredibly supportive, and constantly challenged me to learn and grow. I especially enjoyed the sound-engineering aspect—being able to see the sound as a visual waveform, and to interpret it accordingly. For example, I can now look at a certain bump, and I’ll know it’s an intake of breath. I’ll see a different spike and know it’s an outside noise. It’s sort of a left-right brain activity—performing the story vocally, while reading the visual imprint of my voice. It reminds me of my work with oscilloscopes, back when I was a scientist.

“It was also great fun for me as an actor, because I got to play all the characters rather than just one. I tried to imbue each character with a specific vocal personality so the listener can tell them apart. I did my homework, too: For the part of an old Italian priest, I looked on YouTube for a voice coach’s video of how to speak with an Italian accent. For an exorcism scene, I asked a friend who used to be a Catholic altar boy for his valuable help with the Latin pronunciation.”

Stevens and Porzig first met at a Magnum Opus Con over 20 years ago, and the latter says, “I’ve always loved every form of media, especially old serials, pulp novels and radio shows like THE SHADOW, and I’ve also enjoyed audio books. With everything going digital these days, audiobooks seemed like the next big thing, so I knew I wanted to release my story in that format. The genius moment was when I thought of Brinke reading it; she’s very talented and has a great voice, she’s well-known in the horror genre and DARKNESS UNBOUND is occult horror, so she was a perfect fit. Thankfully, we had enjoyed our time together in the past, and she eagerly agreed to take this voyage into uncharted waters with me.

“It was great getting the audio files from her to review as her work on the story progressed, and hear her bring the characters to life,” Porzig continues. “I know I’m a little biased since I wrote the book, but I’m also the most critical, and I can say that she brought an amazing level of professionalism to her work and put her heart into making this an outstanding project. This has truly been a dream project, and it was great to work so closely with her over those months.”

DARKNESS UNBOUND: LADY IN BLACK and its sequel, subtitled TERROR OF NIGHT (for which Stevens hopes to record the audio version soon), are also available at Amazon.com for the Kindle reader; you can find out more about the series at its official website, and the official site of Porzig’s Graphic Entertainment. Stevens, recently seen in JONAH LIVES, David DeCoteau’s 3 SCREAM QUEENS and the Full Moon production TROPHY HEADS, among others, adds, “I have two movie jobs in February and March: THE TOMBSTONE in Alabama, and IF I DIE… in St. Louis. I’m also eagerly awaiting the upcoming release of my directorial debut, ‘Personal Demons,’ as part of TERROR TOONS 4.”

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