A “STRANGER” Washes Ashore in New Bad Robot/Abrams Mystery Teaser

But really, it’s the creepy gentleman with his mouth sewn shut that has us interested.

J.J. Abrams and his Bad Robot team get a kick out of mystery. Thus, “Stranger” appeared online today with little explanation as to what it may be for. Movie? Series? Board Ga- no, those are likely the only two options. It’s a lovely looking clip, and the voiceover which speaks of water and rebirth seems otherworldly and cyclical. Again, that gentleman with the sutures over his mouth is a sight.

But what is it and when will we find out? Not much info, other than “Soon.”

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  • Patrick Robinson

    I still hate Abrams for CLOVERFIELD – first he had me thinking “CTHULHU” then he had me thinking “LOST TIE-IN” then he had me thinking “CONNECTION TO RAMPAGE-VIDEO-GAME” (80s game…pretty cool) …

    …but it was none of those!!!

    Now it also seems to go in the direction of H. P. Lovecraft. The atmosphere reminds me a little of DAGON.

    Now that Guillermo del Toro missed his chance of making a Cthulhu flick with PACIFIC RIM (not even the slightest mention of a reference…even though we’re talking about monsters like elder gods that come from dimensional portals and he claims to be such a big Lovecraft fan…WTF?) … now that he messed up … please Abrams!!! Please deliver!!!

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