“100 TEARS” of a killer clown returning to DVD; exclusive poster art


One of the best and bloodiest evil-clown movies, whose out-of-print DVD has become a collector’s item, is coming back: Marcus Koch’s 100 TEARS has a new disc on the way. We’ve got an exclusive look at poster art for this release and details from Koch, plus info on the reissue of his early feature ROT.

100 TEARS was directed by Koch from a script by Joe Davison, who also stars with Georgia Chris; the two play tabloid reporters investigating the “Teardrop Killer” murders who become the next targets of homicidal Gurdy the Clown (Jack Amos). Raine Brown co-stars in the movie, which first hit DVD in 2008 from Anthem Pictures—but not for long. “A little over five years ago, 100 TEARS fell into obscurity when it went out of print,” Koch tells Fango. “One seller on Amazon.com is trying to sell a used copy for $4,500; I thought it was a misprint and figured he meant $45! Now, thanks to Unearthed Films, 100 TEARS is finally coming back in a brand new extended cut with lots of bonus extras, including a new audio commentary. I’m even including some of my short films, and minimovies from way back when I was a little kid. The new art was created by none other than Marc Schoenbach of Sadist Art; we don’t have a street date yet, but will soon.”


Koch, a longtime makeup FX artist who recently wrapped work on CIRCUS OF THE DEAD, has also revisited his 1999 shot-on-video feature ROT, remastering it for a new DVD available exclusively from Cult Movie Mania. The punk-rock horror flick tracks a young couple (Billly $cam and Tiffany Stinky) as they both become infected by a flesheating virus and go on a murderous rampage. The disc, which sells for $20, is packed with bonus features:

100TEARSNEWDVDNEWS2· New audio commentary by Koch and co-star Joel D. Wynkoop

· Original audio commentary by Koch and $cam

· New behind-the-scenes video

· Original behind-the-scenes video

· Marcus Koch: The Herb Kowalski Interview

· The Goriest Minute—ROT Episode

· Trailers

There’s also a limited-edition deluxe set, including the DVD, a VHS tape in a clamshell case, a handscreened poster of the cover art and a punk button, available here for $50. We’ll bring you more details of the 100 TEARS disc soon.

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