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    “THE FOLLOWING” (TV Review)

    THE FOLLOWING (premiering tonight at 9/8 Central on Fox) represents the latest attempt by a broadcast network to compete with the extremities and explicitness of cable TV. Or to put it another way, how ya gonna keep ’em watching your procedurals after they’ve been down on the farm with THE WALKING DEAD?

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  • Your “ABCs OF DEATH”: Jorge Michel Grau and his “I”

    by: Samuel Zimmerman on: 2013-02-04 19:10:33  “…you’re bringing our #deathparty down,” producer Tim League good naturedly jabbed at WE ARE WHAT WE ARE director Jorge Michel Grau as THE ABCs OF DEATH hit VOD on January 31. A mass viewing party on Twitter unfurled to celebrate the anthology in all its unapologetic, brash, bloody glory. […]

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