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    Legendary’s “DEAD RISING” To Debut in March

    While good adaptations of video game properties are more rare than a blizzard in Las Vegas, that doesn’t stop fans from approaching every attempt with cautious optimism. Case-in-point: Zach Lipovsky’s upcoming feature-length DEAD RISING adaptation, entitled DEAD RISING: WATCHTOWER, which will debut on Crackle from Legendary Productions. And now, fans will know when to catch the […]

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    Adam Green’s “DIGGING UP THE MARROW” Tour, Blu-ray Announced

    For those familiar with Adam Green’s upcoming feature length endeavor DIGGING UP THE MARROW (his first since 2010’s FROZEN), then you’re likely familiar with the work of artist Alex Pardee, whose contributions helped define the concept and creatures of Green’s film. You may also be familiar with Green’s intended release strategy, as he’s frequently stated […]

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    Trailer: Take your first look “UNDER THE BED”

    Steven C. Miller, who just last year brought us both THE AGGRESSION SCALE and loose Santa slasher redo is entering more monstrous territory with Amblin creature feature throwback UNDER THE BED. The increasingly prolific indie filmmaker tells the story of “the monster under the bed. Neal Hausman’s mistake was trying to fight it. Neal (Jonny Weston) […]

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    “SALEM: Season 2, Episode 1″ (TV Review)

    To say that the first season of WGN America’s SALEM pushed boundaries with what could be done on a non-premium cable channel is certainly an understatement. Graphic nudity, insane violence and some top tier practical SFX paired with the living and breathing environment of SALEM made the show a simultaneously provocative and compelling horror series, […]

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