“OUIJA” (Movie Review)

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    PHOTOS: FANGORIA’s Times Scare “EVIL DEAD” bash

    On Thursday April 4, FANGORIA and TriStar Pictures took to Times Square’s year-round haunted attraction (appropriately called) Times Scare to kick off the release of the highly anticipated remake of EVIL DEAD. Festivities included low lights and gift bags, booze and macabre décor and star Jane Levy judging a DEAD-centric costume contest. Weren’t able to […]

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  • Jeffrey Combs talks “WOULD YOU RATHER”

    by: Vivienne Vaughn on: 2013-02-07 15:23:53 Cult-movie maven Jeffrey Combs enters genre territory once more in David Guy Levy’s psychological horror-thriller, WOULD YOU RATHER. Opening in select theaters and available on-demand tomorrow from IFC films, and screening for free in New York tonight (see details here), the film casts Combs as Shepard Lambrick, a calculating, […]

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    Getting Possessed by “ENTITY,” Part Two

    One of the most refreshing current trends in horror is the resurgence of old-fashioned haunting stories. Pioneering the horror genre practically into existence, stories of spirits, possession and malevolent souls have had a renaissance as of late, with intelligent and resourceful fright filmmakers showing exactly why these tales were so terrifying to begin with. And […]

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