Goodbye, FANGORIA…

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    “OCULUS” (TIFF Movie Review)

    Mike Flanagan’s debut picture ABSENTIA was something truly special: a quiet, slow burning indie horror film that betrayed its budgetary cramps at every turn and used an existing location—in this case, a creepy suburban tunnel—and made it into something nightmarish. Slow zooms, quiet spaces, ambiguity and minimalist music all coupled with better than average performances […]

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    Evil Flies the “IRON SKY”

    Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich left a deep imprint on not only history, but modern society and the movies. But while some filmmakers have been inclined toward the dramatic and political aspects of Nazism, others have opted to poke fun at the Führer’s mad ideology—revealing, beyond the surface silliness, more interesting ideas than in […]

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