“OUIJA” (Movie Review)

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    Stream to Scream: “ENTER NOWHERE”

    As many fright fans already know, FANGORIA offers a great selection of gruesome movies, old and new, for free at our Hulu channel. To give you a better idea of what’s available, FANGORIA is taking in-depth looks at some of the channel’s terrifying titles with Stream to Scream. Today: Jack Heller’s twisty thriller ENTER NOWHERE.

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    “PENNY DREADFUL” (TV Pilot Review)

    In Showtime’s long-running efforts to bring horror to premium cable, they’ve often mistaken what works so well about horror: actually being scary. While DEXTER brought bountiful blood and MASTERS OF HORROR occasionally lived up to its title, Showtime traded suspense for presumed intensity while exploiting the freedoms outside of the limits of broadcast television restrictions. The […]

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